Dr Sharon McCulloch

Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

My research interests include academic literacies, second language reading and writing, EAP, academic integrity, plagiarism, intertextuality, and study skills.

Negotiating tensions around new forms of academic writing
Barton, D.P., McCulloch, S.A. 08/2018 In: Discourse, Context and Media. 24, p. 8-15. 8 p.
Journal article

The Role of Networked Learning in Academics' Writing Practices
McCulloch, S.A., Tusting, K.P., Hamilton, M.E. 14/11/2017 In: Research in Learning Technology. 25, 13 p.
Journal article

Hobson’s choice: the effects of research evaluation on academics’ writing practices in England
McCulloch, S.A. 27/10/2017 In: ASLIB Journal of Information Management. 69, 5, p. 503-515. 13 p.
Journal article

Doing research in applied linguistics: Realities, dilemmas and solutions, Jim McKinley, Heath Rose (Eds.). Routledge, London and New York (2017)
McCulloch, S. 10/2017 In: System. 69, p. 175-176. 2 p.
Journal article

Positioning writing in the contemporary academic workplace
McCulloch, S.A. 2017 In: Norwegian Forum for English for Academic Purposes.
Conference contribution

Writing that counts or writing that is counted?
McCulloch, S.A. 1/12/2016
Conference paper

'Historians don’t set out to change people’s lives’: to what extent are notions of social justice shared across the academy
McCulloch, S.A., Tusting, K.P., Bhatt, I.U. 18/07/2016
Conference paper

The role of relationships in academic writing and identity
McCulloch, S.A., Tusting, K.P., Barton, D.P. 2/07/2016
Conference paper

Holding our disciplinary ground: disciplinary writing in the age of audit
McCulloch, S.A. 25/06/2016
Conference paper

Academics' experiences of networked professional learning
Tusting, K.P., McCulloch, S.A., Hamilton, M.E. 10/05/2016 In: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Networked Learning 2016. Lancaster : Lancaster University p. 422-431. 10 p. ISBN: 9781862203242.
Conference contribution

Being an academic: the changing writing practices of academics and how they influence professional identity
Bhatt, I.U., McCulloch, S. 24/08/2015 In: Reviewed proceedings for the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) Annual Research Conference 2015 ‘Converging Concepts in Global Higher Education Research’ (Dec 2015, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales). Society for Research into Higher Education
Conference contribution

Purposeful comparisons in reading to write and in written text
McCulloch, S. 27/06/2013
Conference paper

Investigating the reading-to-write processes and source use of L2 postgraduate students in real-life academic tasks: an exploratory study.
McCulloch, S. 06/2013 In: Journal of English for Academic Purposes. 12, 2, p. 136-147. 12 p.
Journal article

Source use in a real-life reading-to-write task: A case study of two L2 postgraduate writers
McCulloch, S. 6/09/2012
Conference paper

How to deal with “struggling” or “at-risk” students: Procedures, paperwork and practices
McCulloch, S., Unger, J. 21/04/2012
Conference paper

Citations in search of a purpose: Source use and authorial voice in L2 student writing
McCulloch, S. 2012 In: International Journal for Educational Integrity. 8, 1
Journal article

Papers from the Lancaster University Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching Volume 5: Papers from LAEL-PG 2010
Kaufhold, K., McCulloch, S., Tominc, A. 2011

How well do we prepare our L2 writers for study abroad?
McCulloch, S., Bradford, A. 22/05/2010
Conference paper

The use of source material in academic writing and its effect on argumentation
McCulloch, S. 21/05/2010
Conference paper

Japanese undergraduates’ use of logical connectors in their written work
McCulloch, S. 2009 In: Papers from the Temple University Japan Campus Applied Linguistics Colloquium 2009, Tokyo. p. 97-112. 16 p.

Teaching learners how to support their written arguments
McCulloch, S., Wray, S. 2/11/2008
Conference paper

Word of the week – getting students to analyze vocabulary
McCulloch, S. 09/2008 In: Language Teacher. 32, 9, p. 19-20. 2 p.
Journal article