Joann Bowker

Undergraduate (Part I) Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator- Departmental Assistant


Along with my colleague Vicki Haslam, I look after the department's undergraduate students and am the main contact for Part I (first-year students) but welcome enquiries from all students within the department. Within my role as Part I Co-ordinator I also deal with all things relating to admissions to the department; undergraduate enquiries, UCAS applications, departmental open days etc.

Throughout the year I also co-ordinate the administration of the English for Academic Purposes Programme (EAP), Study Start and also the International Summer Programme (ISP) which run between August and September each year. These programmes generally recruit 200+ international students so it is an extremely busy but very enjoyable time.

My office is open for student enquiries between 09.30-12.00 and 14.00-16.30, Monday to Friday.