Portrait photograph of: Guoda Cibaite

Guoda Cibaite

Country Of Origin: Lithuania

Degree: BA Economics and International Relations, 2013

Programme Assistant for Anti-Poverty Strategies, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

I started my studies at Lancaster University as a student of International Relations. Thanks to the flexibility of the University’s system, I was able to choose Economics as a free elective. A series of insightful and interesting lecturers gave me a positive outlook on LUMS. This made me switch my programme into a double major in Economics and International Relations.

In terms of content, I enjoyed the modules of Public Economics and Economic Growth and Development. The latter strongly influenced my decision to apply for my current Master of Public Policy delivered jointly by Maastricht University and the United Nations University. My greatest take-away from Lancaster University is a solid set of soft and hard skills; ranging from analytical thinking to quantitative techniques. These skills have served me a lot through my Masters studies, including during my thesis and internship at the European Parliament.

An integral part of my Lancaster experience was an involvement in Lancaster University Volleyball Club. Being part of probably the most culturally diversified sports team, taking the role of captain and later president, substantially enriched my Lancaster experience. Getting to know people from around the world, different cultures and various playing styles was both great fun and a great challenge. I made friends and memories for life.

Lancaster University was a balanced combination of hard and insightful work, sports and social activities.

After completing my MSc in Maastricht I undertook internships with UNU-MERIT and the Scottish Parliament before taking up my current role working on anti-poverty strategies for the Joesph Rowntree Foundation in the UK.