Portrait photograph of: Beth Watson

Beth Watson

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Degree: BSc Economics, 2014

Senior Audit Associate, Deloitte

I chose to study at LUMS because I wanted to study at an institution which would set me apart from other graduates in a highly competitive job market. Also, I knew people who had either taught or studied at LUMS, so I was aware of the high standard of teaching and support offered. Once I visited the campus, I loved how everything was all in the same place and was impressed with the excellent facilities that the University provides for students.

University life

My degree at Lancaster offered a variety of learning opportunities – all of which were beneficial to me in their own way. Overall, I enjoyed writing my dissertation. It was a chance to put everything I have been learning into practice, and on a subject of my own choice. I decided to step outside of what I had previously been taught and do my dissertation on health economics, as at the time it was more interesting to me than finance or pensions, etc. I found research itself, and working with software I had been introduced to in another module, to be very enjoyable parts of my dissertation-writing process. Overall, it was my favourite module, as it was hands-on and I could work at my own pace and around my schedule.

When I arrived at the Fresher’s Fair in my first year, I was determined to take up a new sport, but ended up with three when I joined the Triathlon Club. I loved the atmosphere within it – the members were so friendly and welcoming. After my first year, I joined the Club’s Executive Team, meaning I helped assist with the running of the club and planning events, social occasions and some training sessions. In my final year, I was elected as the First Female Club President – a role which meant taking the helm of the club and conducting training sessions, planning races, transport, events, providing information to members and being an ever-present source of support and advice. This was an amazing learning experience and really added to my time at Lancaster and my own personal development. I feel that this was one of the most important aspects of university life for me – getting involved with societies helps to keep you balanced when deadlines heat up! My role in the club taught me a great deal about being organised and responsible, in addition to helping me make some wonderful friends.

Being at Lancaster was a brilliant experience for me! It certainly wasn’t without its trials – I found my course to be very challenging! But the academic staff were always friendly and helpful and more than happy to help me understand complex concepts.

Work life after LUMS

At the end of my final year, I was offered an internship as a Research Assistant at Gulf One Lancaster Centre for Economic Research, an academic centre which operates within LUMS. Over the course of my time at the Centre, I was able to assist with the running of an Islamic Banking and Finance Conference held at LUMS, which was an amazing experience. My other responsibilities whilst working at the in the Centre were general research tasks and data input. This taught me about the use of new software and broadened my knowledge of the field of economics. It was a wonderful experience – I met many brilliant people and learnt a lot.

After graduation, I became an Associate at Deloitte, training at their office on the Isle of Man. During my time at Lancaster, I developed many skills that helped me in securing this role; for instance, using my maths skills and software, being pro-active, questioning, and being eager to learn new things. Moreover, the self-belief I developed during my studies and the experience within the Triathlon Club enabled me to push myself out of my comfort zone and apply to such a large company. The numerical, statistical and written skills that I learnt on my course made me a good candidate on paper and the extra-curricular activities that Lancaster offered enabled my application to stand out from the crowd; all of this actually led me to find a common ground with my interviewer! This took the edge off a rather nerve-wracking interview!

My degree prepared me for adult life, as I now have the skills and confidence to strike out on my own.