Portrait photograph of: Lisa Simon

Lisa Simon

Country Of Origin: Germany

Degree: BA Economics and International Relations, 2012

The great reputation of LUMS in the UK and in the world attracted my attention when I was applying. The degree programme of Economics and International Relations sounded just like the perfect mix to me. When I came visiting after receiving my offer, I fell in love with the campus and my decision was made!

I loved my programme for its excellent lecturers, who managed to explain even the most complicated topics in an easy way. I immensely enjoyed the flexibility of choosing my modules within both the PPR and Economics Departments. My final year dissertation on EU health care policies was an amazing opportunity to dive into my own proper research for the first time and was a great selling point for later applications.

Life on campus was fantastic. Having your best friends around just minutes of walking is a situation I still miss severely, even years after. The campus offers everything you need, including an awesome and very modern Sports Centre. I was there regularly, mostly early in the morning before lectures or library days started. And whenever the campus became too small, the city of Lancaster had plenty of little gems in terms of cafés and restaurants to escape and enjoy!

My time at Lancaster was incredible, and I wouldn’t want to change it for the world. It taught me not only about the subjects I studied, but about life, too! Thanks to living with people who studied all sorts of things, there were many interesting discussions to be held! The friendships I made in Lancaster will last a lifetime, and even if we are scattered around the globe now, we manage to reunite at least once a year!

I am currently doing a PhD in Economics at the University of Munich, after having done MSc Economics and Public Policy at Sciences Po Paris. My broad knowledge and understanding of economics I gained at Lancaster, thanks to some fantastic modules, was a great basis to have, and helped me succeed in my Master’s and in my PhD now!