Portrait photograph of: Natalya Otsabryk

Natalya Otsabryk

Country Of Origin: Ukraine

Degree: MSc Human Resource & Knowledge Management, 2015

The night I arrived at Lancaster University I received just the welcome I needed after 25 hours of travelling. I was surrounded by people who constantly wanted to help me and were genuinely glad to see the newcomers, the campus looked even prettier than in pictures, and the general atmosphere was so upbeat and exciting.

After a few weeks of attending classes I was sure I had chosen the right university and the right course. What stood out to me at once was how students get the freedom to study and grow at their own pace and in their own directions, but at the same time are guided and assisted by highly qualified and approachable academic staff whilst having access to necessary resources.

The MSc in Human Resource and Knowledge Management in particular encourages students to think critically and challenge common understanding of what knowledge is, how and why change occurs, and what managing people is really about.

I can say that without living on campus my experience would be incomplete. This place offers students everything they need to live a productive and fun life – and all that not more than a ten-minute walk from the student accommodation area. In the mornings, for instance, I usually go to the common room of Graduate College to study or do group work with my course mates, so that I am always prepared for lectures in the afternoon. This routine allows me to spend my evenings in the sports centre, dance class, or going out to town. There are lots of activities to be involved in – I, for instance, participate in hip hop, watch movies in the film society, sing with the swing group and just got a part in the University production of the West Side Story musical.

The best part of my experience, though, has been meeting new people everywhere I go, making friends from all over the world, and becoming more open and confident every day. To me Lancaster University is opportunity. It comes once in a lifetime, and it is up to you to seize it.

Natalya was subsequently recruited by Heineken, where she is now on the company's Human Resource International Graduate programme.