Portrait photograph of: Oliver Monks

Oliver Monks

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Degree: BA Management and Entrepreneurship, 2015

Co-founder, BagSee

I chose to study at LUMS for a number of different reasons, the biggest being because of how innovative the University and LUMS are. Joining LUMS really feels like you are at the cutting edge of what a Management School should really be about.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying in the Entrepreneurship Department at Lancaster. Each year there were some really fun and challenging modules we were able to take on. From first year studying the basics of Entrepreneurship Theory and whether entrepreneurs are born or made, to really practicing what we’d been taught throughout our degree in the ‘New Venture Planning’ module in our final year. All modules were able to combine theory with real life business examples by bringing in relevant business people.

I loved the atmosphere on campus; it’s busy and spacious yet close-knit all at the same time. I got heavily involved in clubs and societies, especially Enactus and LUSU (the Students’ Union), which were a lot of fun. They both gave me great opportunities to meet lots of people at University, as well as begin to develop networks with other like-minded people around the UK, which I’m still benefiting from post-graduation!

I did my Industrial Placement Year at Unilever, where I took on a HR role as part of their Joint Venture (JV) with PepsiCo, called Pepsi Lipton. I definitely gained a lot from being part of a global arm of the business and to work on innovative projects, such as their employer branding for the JV (pepsilipton.com).

In one word, my Lancaster experience was brilliant! It was an experience that allowed me to try out new things, meet some amazing people and leave feeling as prepared as I possibly could be for taking on the challenge of setting up my own business.

I am now Co-founding a business called BagSee with a fellow Lancaster alumnus, Zac Garton. We’re building the comprehensive solution to the stresses of travel packing.

My time at Lancaster, including both my degree and experience in societies, has given me the confidence to take on the risks that come with setting up your own business.