Portrait photograph of: GulAhmed Maqsood

GulAhmed Maqsood

Country Of Origin: Pakistan

Degree: BSc Accounting and Finance, 2015

The reason I came to LUMS was because of its rankings compared to other UK universities. For instance, their Accounting and Finance course is ranked as one of the best in the UK. Before coming to LUMS I researched the faculty, and read that it has one of the best faculties in the UK. When I arrived, I found this to be true. Another reason I decided to come to LUMS was because it provides students with the opportunity to choose their own modules, according to their career aspirations.

The best part about the BSc Accounting and Finance programme was that you had the opportunity to work in teams when completing coursework assignments and projects. LUMS is a great place to work in teams. Students are from around the world, and they come from culturally diverse backgrounds. This provides the opportunity to think differently, and out of the box.

The most enjoyable aspect of my university life was when I was selected as the Final Year Head Rep for the Accounting and Finance department. I also represented the department at the Faculty Plenary meeting in December 2014. Moreover, I also undertook the Rep Development Scheme organised by LUSU and managed to achieve the Silver Standard.

This programme enabled me to complete 15 months at EY’s London Office as a paid placement student. The first three months were completed during the second term of my second year, and the rest during my third year at university.

I worked as an associate in the audit department, and those 15 months of work experience changed me from a boy into a man. They taught me a sense of responsibility and professionalism. Moreover, the experience gave me a real sense of what it is like to work in audit, in case I decide to pursue that in the future.

My four years at Lancaster University were the best four years of my life. I learned a lot of things, and made connections that will last a lifetime. During that time I discovered that my real passion is to become a businessman (an entrepreneur), and I now know that that is what I really want to do with my life.

I used the LUMS Careers Team services for quite a lot of things. First, I approached them to seek help with my application to the Italia Innovation Program, and I managed to gain admission for the summer of 2015. Secondly, I used the Careers Team to apply for the MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice programme at Lancaster University, and I am happy to say that I managed to secure a place on this programme.

I am now studying MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice under the supervision of Dr Josip Kotlar (Programme Director) and Professor Sascha Walter (Head of Department).