Portrait photograph of: Shereen King

Shereen King

Country Of Origin: British Virgin Islands

Degree: BSc Accounting and Finance, 2015

Junior Analyst, KRyS Global

I chose to study at LUMS, firstly, because I wanted to attend a reputable university. At the time Lancaster was in the Top 10, university wide and for accounting, and it still is today. Additionally, after examining the campus and speaking with a few current students online I felt like it was the place for me. I was travelling from far away to attend and so wanted a welcoming atmosphere.

I liked the variety that the BSc Accounting and Finance degree offered. I was able to study various subjects, such as Taxation, Auditing and Professional Ethics. Additionally, I was able to study a wide range of modules in other areas like Economics, Marketing, Operations Management and Statistics to name a few. I was able to tailor my degree to suit my interests.

While at Lancaster, I served as a LUMS Ambassador and an assistant in the Accounting and Finance Department helping out as much as I could, such as speaking to sixth form and college students at their institutions or assisting on visit and open days. I was also the Events Manager of the Lancaster University Entrepreneurship Society, the Choir Director of the Pentecostal Gospel Choir for two years, a Guide to international students under the Transition Guide Scheme and a mentor to international transfer students. I was also an active member of the Lancaster Hip-Hop Society, Salsa Society and Afro-Caribbean Society.

My experience at Lancaster was simply amazing. I am happy that I chose to study there as I met a lot of people, learned valuable lessons and had some great experiences that will always remain dear to me. I was worried at the time as I was travelling across the Atlantic to attend university, but from the very first week my worries were dismissed. There were a few bumps along the way, but I gained a family at Lancaster who stood by me and helped me along the way. The Accounting and Finance Department was very supportive along my journey. I also found solace in other departments such as the LUMS Careers Team and the Undergraduate Office. The welcoming atmosphere made all the difference.

The LUMS Careers Team helped me to develop my CV and cover letter. They also helped me to prepare for interviews (both face-to-face and telephone) by sharing their advice and arranging mock interviews. I received additional help in preparation for an assessment centre. LUMS Careers, through their emails and posters, provided a significant amount of opportunities and workshops in collaboration with top graduate employers. Through these, I was able to make a number of connections.

Upon graduating from Lancaster, I went on to volunteer for 10 weeks as a Junior Business Consultant in Uganda with Challenges Worldwide as part of ICS. I was placed in an SME where I was tasked with using my knowledge and experience to encourage sustainability and growth. The diversity in nationalities at Lancaster aided me during my time in Uganda; I was able to better adapt to the new culture. The academic knowledge I gained also enabled me to implement changes. I mainly focused on revamping the accounting system of the business, in which my degree played a major role. I am now employed as a Junior Analyst with KRyS Global in their office in the British Virgin Islands. When I took Professional Ethics in my final year, I never imagined that I’d be working in an organisation where many aspects of the syllabus come into play. While in the class, I wrote an essay on the Bernie Madoff fraud and now I work for an organisation that plays a role in winding up this fraud.