Portrait photograph of: Theodore Lorentzos

Theodore Lorentzos

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Degree: BA Business Economics (Industry), 2014

Sales and Marketing Officer, Rolls-Royce

I chose to study at LUMS because it is one of the best Management Schools in the world, and provided me with the opportunity to incorporate a work placement into my degree. In addition, I thought that the range of modules offered was unique and interesting. I also liked the fact that Lancaster University is a Campus University, which I felt would allow me to get the best from my university experience.

What I love about BA Business Economics is the ability to combine the core subject of Economics with an array of alternative Management School subjects, such as Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance etc., which has equipped me with a broad business appreciation and aptitude. Also, the opportunity to incorporate a 12-months work placement into the degree was fantastic; there are few universities and degrees that provide such an opportunity.

One of the major advantages of being part of the Management School is that it is much like a small community where, if one is proactive, the opportunities to get involved are endless.

Over the course of my 3 (+1) years at Lancaster University I have been heavily involved in the societies, as well as various jobs and sports. During my first two years I was Sponsorship Exec for the Finance Society, and with my team we managed to secure healthy funding from the likes of Ernst & Young. I also actively participated in the frequent events and talks organised by other societies such as the Economics Society, Marketing Society and Bright Futures, ranging from ‘Dinner with Industry’ to Pub Quizzes and debates.

I was also a Tour Guide for the Management School in my first year, and subsequently an Ambassador for the remaining years. That, in my opinion, was one of the best choices I made at university. Being an Ambassador involves promoting the Management School, supporting large events and Open Days and, in my case, working in the Careers Office along with 2 other Ambassadors. In addition to that, and being bilingual (fluent Greek), I was able to secure a job in the ‘InfoLab’ (the University’s Business Hub) working for a Marketing firm part-time.

I did a 12-months placement at Rolls-Royce plc based in Derby (UK) between my 2nd and 4th year at university. The placement was split into two 6 month parts.

First I worked within the Civil Aerospace sector on engines that power planes, such as the Airbus 380. There I was able to lead a team in designing a process for delivering a package of parts from the Integrated Logistics Centre (where they are received from our suppliers) to the Engine floor (where the engines are assembled). The process reduced work time by approximately 20% and will be adapted further.

My second 6-months attachment was working in the Inventory Team, which was less hands-on and more computer based. Nevertheless, it equipped me with new knowledge and allowed me to enhance my computer skills. Typical tasks included sorting out expensive surplus parts (one was as small as a tennis ball but cost £20,000+!) and either scrapping them or, preferably allocating them to an alternative engine project, hence saving the company money.

I also did a 4-weeks summer internship working for Savills in the prime property sector, which was a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight in quite a specialised field. More specifically, I worked in the Commercial and Residential Valuation departments, assisting with valuations of Central London properties up to £12,000,000.

My advice to anyone studying at LUMS would be to undergo internships/work experience with a range of different companies and sectors, in order to get a good feel for what they might be best suited to.

As a Student Ambassador, prospective students and parents frequently asked how I would summarise my experience at Lancaster. It’s a question that I can always answer with great ease and with genuine enthusiasm. I would honestly say that this has been the best chapter of my life so far. Before coming here I knew little about the North of England or Lancaster University, and was apprehensive about the whole experience. The Management School, the University Campus and Lancaster town are each a community and they have been friendly and productive environments in which to live. Sometimes it would take me 20 minutes to walk from the back entrance of the Management School to the front reception, which (although partly down to my talkative personality) was simply because I came to know so many people, from students to staff! After four years I achieved a high-quality education, a 12-months placement, a 4 week internship, plenty of society/extra-curricular opportunities and loads of fantastic friends and memories!

The Careers team is a small, friendly and highly dedicated group that provides a well-tailored service to each individual student, providing the best support given students’ individual circumstances and ambitions. The Team provided me with support for every assessment stage in an optimum environment, and armed me with the entire set of vital skills required more than ever in today's competitive job market. I was given plenty of practice psychometric tests, as well as the opportunity to attend various ‘Mock Assessment Centres’ run by real recruiters. There are many events organised during the year by the Careers Team, such as the Careers Fair, which introduced me to the employer that I was pursuing my career with. I would have to say therefore that the Careers Team played a huge role in my experience at Lancaster University as a whole.

I have accepted an offer to work at Rolls-Royce in Supply Chain Planning and Control. I think that apart from my degree itself, which equipped me with presentation and team work skills, both the Careers Team and Alumni Team played fundamental roles in helping me to secure the post. They both provided me with a huge level of support, and they are dedicated to increasing all students’ employability chances. I will leave Lancaster with a good education, confidence and the skills that employers seek from their graduates.