Portrait photograph of: Angelika Kronen

Angelika Kronen

Country Of Origin: Germany

Degree: BBA International Business Management, 2016

I chose to study at LUMS mainly because I was fascinated by the BBA double degree programme that it offers. This fully-integrated programme allowed me to study at LUMS for two years followed by two more years at the prestigious ESB Business School in Reutlingen, Germany. Apart from offering this unique degree programme, LUMS’ high reputation as a world-class management school and the campus environment at Lancaster University convinced me to study here.

It is very difficult to say what I liked most about the BBA International Business Management programme because I believe it was a very good mixture of group projects, individual coursework and essays. In general I valued the high-quality teaching, both by lecturers and tutors. Also I had a chance to take language classes, which were a good complement to the management modules and I enjoyed them very much.

Playing volleyball and being actively involved in the society was an important part of my university life at Lancaster. It provided a good balance to my academic activities and was a great chance to make new friends who share common interests. Furthermore, I really liked the life on campus and the college system. I lived in Bowland College student accommodation in my first year and I felt welcome from the first day. I got to know a lot of great people and I was able to take part in many fun social activities organised by the college.

Since I am from Germany, where I spent the second half of my studies, my first two years at LUMS were already an international experience for me. They enabled me to really engage with the English language and culture, whilst also gaining valuable technical and practical knowledge of management.

In the two summers of my studies at Lancaster, I was required to do internships, which helped me to enhance my theoretical knowledge of management, acquire many practical skills and increase my employability.

During the second half of my studies, I was given the opportunity to go to China for another semester abroad. This was an unforgettable experience and I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity.

My time at Lancaster was a great experience. It prepared me for the rest of my studies and life both professionally as well as personally. I had unforgettable experiences and made friends for life. The LUMS Careers Team helped me get my internships by providing personal advice and offering CV Drop-in sessions.

Next I am going to do a postgraduate degree in Accounting and Financial Management at the University of York. LUMS helped me prepare for this by laying the foundations of my knowledge of accounting and finance. Furthermore, the mixture of group projects, individual coursework and exams helped me improve my team-working, essay writing and other personal skills that will be valuable in my further studies and professional life.

Angelika is continuing her studies at the University of York, where she will go on to do a postgraduate degree in Accounting and Financial Management.