Portrait photograph of: Diana Yerkanatova

Diana Yerkanatova

Country Of Origin: Kazakhstan

Degree: BSc Marketing, 2016

Assistant Media Planner, MindShare Media Agency

The fact that LUMS is recognised as one of the best business schools in the UK, along with its overall worldwide reputation, is why I chose to pursue my higher education at Lancaster. LUMS delivered a high standard of education, which also helped me to make new friends and learn about their cultures. Additionally, Lancaster University’s campus is another motivation to study here; there are 9 unique colleges with its history, which provide different types of accommodation for students.

At the time of admission to the University, the BSc Marketing programme was ranked as the 1st in the UK. No wonder, since now I can tell without a doubt that the marketing department is one of the best in LUMS. From the invaluable support of staff that help you with anything you need, all the way to outstanding professors with their cognitive and interactive lectures. One of the biggest advantages was being able to choose from a range of different modules to study within the Management School. For instance, even though my major was Marketing, I had an opportunity to expand my knowledge with modules like Accounting & Finance and Management Science throughout the 3 years of studying. What I really enjoyed the most on my course is a generous amount of academic literature together with the real life cases that we needed to work on. Also, during practise exercises, I gained skills in using various programs and tools, which helped me further during my internship. The course overall enabled me to gain a deep understanding and insights of the marketing industry.

Lancaster University campus, which can be characterised as a small student town, involves various facilities like a brand new sport centre, library, computer labs, shops and many more. Whether it is winter or summer, the nature and wildlife all around the campus will leave you with a smile all day long. There is an large amount of societies and clubs that students can join according to their interests. I personally joined new societies every year and got to know other like-minded people to spend my time with. For instance, guest talks provided by the Investment & Finance Society enhanced my knowledge as well as helped to be up to date with the latest news and trends. The Entrepreneur Society enabled me to discover my potential of leadership and improve my communication skills. As I attended a school of dance from an early age, Lancaster University was the place for me as I was able to join various dance societies. All of these societies added a more joyful experience to my university life.

I couldn’t ask for a better place to study other than here. Lancaster is like a second home where I received the needed support and became a professional individual with clear vision of where to pursue my future career. Sometimes it can be challenging but ultimately worth it. During my studies, I had an excellent opportunity to work in groups with students from diverse backgrounds that both enhanced my interpersonal skills and allowed me to acquire a network of friends. Lancaster turned my university life into a truly valuable and precious experience. I am proud to be a Lancaster University graduate of 2016.

After graduation, I will go on to work at MindShare media agency, in Kazakhstan, as an Assistant Media Planner.