Portrait photograph of: Khanor Runzi

Khanor Runzi

Country Of Origin: United States

Degree: MSc Management (2 Year European Triple Degree), 2016

The MSc in Management - European Triple Degree is a unique partnership with Lancaster University Management School, top French business school, EMLYON, and the prestigious Munich School of Management to offer a postgraduate degree with a difference.

Through successfully completing the two-year MSc in Management - European Triple Degree, students will gain three MSc qualifications from LUMS, EMLYON and Ludwig Maximilians Universität in Munich.

The programme features:

  • Study at two leading European business schools (with the option to study at all three)
  • A six-month internship in year one and a six-month internship at the end of year two

Khanor Runzi shares his experience of the programme

My name is Khanor Runzi, I come from the United States and I'm entering into the final year of the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree. I chose this programme because I wanted a challenge; I wanted to be thrown out of my comfort zone and into a programme where I could refine my skills and expand my knowledge. The MSc in Management - European Triple Degree programme is unique in that it allows a student to obtain a masters degree from three of the top business institutions of Europe and learn each country and school's particular perspectives on each subject. It is incredible, for each course I have three professors-- one from each school - who provide their distinct style of teaching and interpretation of the subject matter. To be honest, I don't know of any other programme that allows students to undertake such a challenge, and I couldn't be any happier with my decision to undertake it. The programme has surrounded me with talented and and ambitious peers, exposed me to new paradigms and perspectives, and has provided me with the institutional backing and prestige to make the entire world open and full of opportunities.

How did you found your internship and why did you choose to do it in the UK?

I received multiple internship offers in my search, however I ultimately chose to intern with AKKA Technologies in the UK. During the annual EMLYON Career Forum, I sat down with the representative from AKKA Technologies and was asked what kind of role I was looking for. I responded that I wanted a challenge, something that would keep me up late and push me to my limits and that I wanted to have the opportunity to work closely with a managing director or other top management. The representative smiled and told me that he would send an e-mail out to see if any of the managing directors were interested. Two days later I got a phone call from the managing director in the UK and after a series of interviews I received an offer for a position as a strategy and business development intern.

Can you tell us a bit more about your internship?

I support the Managing Director and Business Managers with creating and implementing strategies to identify and secure new business opportunities with new and existing clients. There is no such thing as an average day for me. I work on multiple projects at a time, so each day brings new tasks, challenges and opportunities to learn. I've coordinated and led a transnational taskforce to achieve and complex bid for business with the British Ministry of Defence, I've spearheaded M&A activities aimed at enabling AKKA Technologies UK to access a previously inaccessible sector, and I've provided Ad-hoc support to the management team on countless projects. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience having the opportunity to apply so much of what I've learned from the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree programme in a challenging and fast paced environment.

What do you plan to do after your internship ends?

At the end of my internship, I will move to Munich, Germany to finish my final year of the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree programme and specialise in Organisational Change and Strategy. Additionally, I'm currently working on the first level of the Chartered Financial Analyst programme and will be entering the final stage of preparations before the exam in December.

What would you advise MSc in Management - European Triple Degree students looking for an internship in the UK?

My advice would be to be confident and know how to explain the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree programme to recruiters. Due to the uniqueness of the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree programme, it is unlikely for the recruiter to have interviewed a candidate from a triple degree programme before and you will need to be able to convey the rigour and extent of the programme (Hint: Be sure to explain that you have 3 professors for each course, one from each school). If you can explain the programme well, you will easily stand out from most of the other applicants. Additionally, do not let the fear of obtaining a work visa in the UK deter you from applying. Many companies have the capability and experience of sponsoring work visa's for employees and interns. Keep in mind that the Visa process will take at least a couple months, so if you intend to do your internship in the UK plan accordingly so that you will be able to start your internship on time.

Additionally, if you would like to intern with a start-up, a great site to use is: http://workinstartups.com/