Portrait photograph of: Olushola Ode

Olushola Ode

Country Of Origin: Nigeria

Degree: MSc Human Resource & Knowledge Management, 2016

HR Personnel, Nigerian Government

I chose to study at LUMS mainly because of its ranking. I had also researched LUMS and I was impressed by the level of experience the academics all had in their respective areas of expertise. LUMS was also one of the few schools running the MSc Human Resource and Knowledge Management programme.

What I liked most about the degree was the studying for exams. This is because all of the material had been presented to us and this meant it was time for personal study. This created more opportunities for learning and opened me up to so much more. Additionally, the production of managerial knowledge was quite interesting. I especially liked the lectures on evidence based management as I could relate it directly to current practices at my work place.

My involvement in university life could probably have been better. Nonetheless, I joined the UN Chapter on campus and attended services at a local church. In my spare time, I went for walks around the beautiful campus, attended musical shows and explored Lancaster as well as other neighbouring places.

My experience at Lancaster was enriching. It showed me that knowledge is contextual. Also, the diversity of the student population made me appreciate many other perspectives. The faculty were very helpful and added so much depth to my learning. Now, when I read books, I read with purpose. Furthermore, I can never forget how beautiful, peaceful and serene the whole campus was. Several mornings I did 10-km walks just marvelling at the sights spread out before me. Simply beautiful.

I currently work for the Nigerian government. I believe that my experience at Lancaster University has provided me with requisite knowledge and skills needed to deliver results in my new role as an HR Personnel. I plan to continue on in this line and, in the near future, take a course in ERP Systems.