Portrait photograph of: Symeon Theocharous

Symeon Theocharous

Country Of Origin: Cyprus

Degree: MSc Human Resource and Knowledge Management, 2016

I chose to study at LUMS because it is one of the most prestigious business schools in the country and it has a very diverse environment with people from all over the world. It gave me the opportunity to tailor my degree to fit my academic interests and it also gave me opportunities to get involved with many societies and events. Apart from the high level of academia, LUMS offered me a high level of services, such as the careers services and the effective learning services. After completing my undergraduate degree at Lancaster University there was no other place for me to continue my studies.

As part of my postgraduate dissertation research, I chose to do a company based project on Strategic Management, Decision Making and Innovation within a complex organisation. The dissertation project was my favourite part of the degree. It gave me the chance to research and further explore an area of study which interested me the most. It gave me the opportunity to significantly improve my academic as well as interpersonal skills, such as time-management and decision-making. The biggest gain from the MSc Human Resource and Knowledge Management programme was having the chance to do a project like that, something which allowed me to gain so much whilst researching a topic that was very exciting for me.

I have been involved with numerous extracurricular activities and societies during my studies, including being a Sport England Activator for a recreational activity. I am also the founder of the Lancaster University Futsal Club. I have been elected as a Lonsdale College Social Secretary Executive and Cross Campus Officer: Events & Socials. I have been involved with the PG rise postgraduate programme and I was also a college adviser for Lonsdale College. Being involved in these types of activities, apart from giving me the opportunity to make a lot of friends, also allowed me to gain experience and skills which contribute towards my career goals.

The 4 years I spent in Lancaster were the best years I have had in my life so far. The University gave me the opportunity to study in the highest standards of the country as well as get involved with multiple extracurricular activities which made the whole student experience unforgettable for the rest of my life.

Expected employment is a graduate scheme within the UK. Throughout my studies, projects and extracurricular activities, I have gained a wide-ranged set of skills which will help me in any role I am given: skills such being analytical, time-management, decision-making, leadership, teamwork, motivation, communication, working under pressure and many more.