Portrait photograph of: Filip Sobiecki

Filip Sobiecki

Country Of Origin: Poland

Degree: BSc Business Studies, 2016

Sales Director, Your MUSE

I chose to study at LUMS during my International Baccalaureate because I saw the potential that Lancaster University was about to explore in the upcoming years. Correctly so, as Lancaster has continuously improved its position in rankings worldwide, now being number 8 in the rankings!

I decided LUMS was a great choice after a lot of recommendations from both my peers and academic advisors – they all claimed that it is a great alternative to the loud and big London or Manchester, with fantastic facilities, fantastic learning opportunities and fantastic people.

What I liked most about the BSc Business Studies degree programme was the well-rounded nature of the course – it taught you the basics, a little bit of everything – ranging from accounting and economics to marketing and management.

What is more, it allowed you to specialise in two chosen fields which is an amazing idea for a business Bachelor course because it definitely facilitates the process of discovering yourself and realising your core strengths, as well as build up a solid foundation for any professional individual.

The learning experience was fantastic – in my case it exceeded academia, for I had the absolute pleasure of cofounding up a startup company, MessageMissile, with my great friend Tom Young and raising nearly $80000, attending Canary Wharf investment meetings and global tech conferences like Web Summit. None of this would have happened if it was not for a successful application to Lancaster!

I was a member of the sponsorship team for Lancaster University Investment and Finance Society – I helped with event organisation, securing sponsors for events and finding speakers to benefit the attendees of our events. Alongside the course, extracurricular activities like this certainly prepare you for future situations whilst also doing what you really enjoy.

I did an internship over the summer of 2014 at SKF Austria. I was a Quality Control Intern. The pay was amazing (nearly double what others paid) and the experience was essential – the first time in a proper corporate environment. Furthermore, during my degree I managed to cofound a startup followed by entering the music industry via a part-time job of managing the business of an international artist, Brian Allan.

My experience at Lancaster was wonderful – for one, the wonderfully solid academic foundation and learning facilities across the beautiful campus as well as all the things that were absolutely separate from studying. The networks and accomplishments that have happened at Lancaster University are unforgettable. Having graduated at 21, I’m confident Lancaster has set out the blueprint for the rest of my life!

All my efforts paid off and after a 4 month long job search, I found “the one”. I currently am a Sales Director at a tech company – yes, my first job involves managing a team of sales representatives! As of the first quarter of 2017, I will be co-responsible for a real estate TV show. Other than that, I contribute to Business Insider Poland with interviews of top business people like Tony Cowen, Fitness First cofounder – and I am cofounding a charity foundation with donors already committed to the cause! All in all – if not for Lancaster, who knows where I’d be now!