Portrait photograph of: Simon Borion

Simon Borion

Country Of Origin: France

Degree: MSc Management (2 Year European Triple Degree), 2018

International Product Manager Junior, French Company Manufacturing Eyeglasses Lenses

Why did you choose to study on the European Triple Degree?

To strengthen my knowledge and gain in experience I enrolled in the Triple Degree program between Lancaster University, Emlyon business school and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. My first year was taught in Lyon (France) by professors from the three business schools. After, I chose to do my second year in Lancaster because of the school recognition, the quality of teaching and the Corporate Development specialization.

What did you like most about your degree programme and the learning experience at Lancaster?

I like the quality of teaching, with professors worldly recognized in their field and always available. Moreover, the diversity of modules was a good way to gain knowledge.

What were the most fun aspects of university life at Lancaster?

I think one of the best aspects of Lancaster is its societies, I was part of two sports team; handball and rugby league. It is a good way to meet British and foreigners, but mostly to make friends. The 9 bars on campus is of course also one of the best ways to meet people and make the most of your experience.

How would you summarise your experience at Lancaster?

It was a great six months, where I was able to experience campus life while being intellectually challenged by high-quality classes.

What did your first internship involve and what did you gain from it?

I did my first internship as a Business Analyst in an International French company manufacturing eyeglasses lenses. This experience brought me knowledge around analytics and strategy. Based in the headquarter, it was also a good opportunity to see how a company thinks globally.

What are you doing next and how are the skills you gained during your time at Lancaster going to help you?

I’m starting a fixed-term contract as International Product Manager Junior in the same company where I did my last internship. My time spent in Lancaster brought me knowledge around corporate development that will be useful. Moreover, my cohort diversity will help me to adapt in an easier way in a global company.