Portrait photograph of: Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Degree: BA Business Economics, 2016

Deputy General Manager, BaxterStorey

Why did you choose to study at LUMS?

I chose to study at LUMS because it combined world-class teaching and facilities with a relaxed and uncomplicated atmosphere. LUMS has built a fantastic reputation by means of distinguished alumni, triple-accreditation and excellent career prospects for graduates – all of this together with the charms and quirks of the Lancaster campus made me feel instantly at home from my first visit.

What did you like most about your degree programme and the learning experience at Lancaster?

First and foremost, the uncomplicated and unfussy atmosphere at Lancaster made the transition into academic life much less intimidating. It was extremely refreshing having lecturers and tutors who would willingly give up so much time to coach, mentor and guide. Lancaster also offered a broad range of very flexible degrees. I studied Business Economics which consisted of a core bundle of Economics modules; but I had plenty of electives that I could take from any LUMS department. Being able to study Franchising and Entrepreneurship alongside core modules was not only interesting, but helped garner a greater breadth of knowledge.

What were the most fun aspects of university life at Lancaster?

Predominately, my extracurricular life at Lancaster was filled by rowing. I joined Lanacster University Boat Club in my first year at university, not knowing how it would shape my university life. I was initially Press and Publicity Officer for LUBC; looking after social media, marketing, events and fundraising. During which time, the fantastic Executive Committee raised record amounts; won the RBS ESSA award for best community involvement and made some real strides in developing the club. Subsequently I took over as Novice Men’s Captain, where I looked after the recruitment, retention and training of the Novice Men – we recruited nearly 300 that year! This was of course great fun at the time, but on reflection, it was here that I was able to learn many new skills and refine existing ones. Short of working, being involved in the running of a club or society is one of the most valuable things you can do to prepare for life after academia.

How would you summarise your experience at Lancaster?

My experience at Lancaster was extremely formative. It forced me to challenge deeply held beliefs, learn important skills of integrity, discipline and the relationship between work and reward. But it was also enormous fun. I formed enduring friendships, enjoyed new freedoms and created memories that will last a lifetime.


What are you going on to do next and how the skills you gained during your time at Lancaster helping you in this?

After leaving LUMS, I enrolled on the Momentum Graduate Management Scheme with food service provider, BaxterStorey. It was a 9 month programme designed to prepare graduates with hands-on management experience in a hospitality environment as well as training in finance, HR and other departments. After graduating from the programme, I took a position with BaxterStorey as Deputy General Manager for their contract at HM Treasury and HMRC. Fundamentally, although my courses provided me with detailed content and specific knowledge, I believe the most important gains from Lancaster are more a matter of mind-set. Excellent tutoring taught me the value of deep thought and analysis; a busy schedule taught time management and prioritisation, and clubs / societies the value of forming meaningful relationships. I believe Lancaster has taught me to never stop learning.