Portrait photograph of: Dorine Fouques Duparc

Dorine Fouques Duparc

Country Of Origin: France

Degree: MSc Management (2 Year European Triple Degree), 2018

Intern, Lustucru

Why did you choose to study the European Triple Degree?

I decided to apply for the European Triple Degree for many reasons. First of all, I’ve always been fond of the English language. The perspective of having classes with more than 20 different nationalities, to have lectures taught in English and to have the opportunity to go to English-speaking countries or to communicate in English (which would be the case in Germany as I don’t speak German), was very exciting for me.
Second of all, I was (and I am even more today) truly convinced that this course was so much more valuable than any others that I could have done. In the first year, we attended lectures delivered by excellent professors from LMU (Munich), Lancaster and emlyon. The quantity of lectures was just right and the quality of these lectures was superb. The degree is quite expensive BUT I really feel, compared to others for a similar price, you get value for money. The programme offers amazing exchanges. It is a real chance to have the opportunity to go and study abroad in Munich or Lancaster, both of which have an excellent reputation, are outstanding universities and are places where the courses are highly sought after.

Describe what your internship involved and what you gained from it.

I did my first internship at Caroll International in Paris. It was the first time I was working within a marketing department. Prior to this, my whole background was completely finance-oriented due to the degree I had done before applying for the Triple Degree. But thanks to the huge diversity of lectures, I had the chance to attend, it opened up my mind to something else and I started to wonder if marketing was something I could be interested in and good at. So I applied for Caroll. Thanks to the course and the preparation I had received, Caroll hired me almost straightaway after the internship interview.

Regarding the experience itself, it was great and enriching because I realized that this was really what I wanted to do. I was an intern for 3 months in their digital marketing department. I was responsible for the online setting of their new collection of garments. I created excellent relationships with my team and co-interns in the first few weeks and I was given a lot of responsibility almost immediately. I enjoyed discovering the whole process of the online setting and, more generally, all aspects relating to digital marketing. 

I think this experience was particularly successful because an internship is supposed to make you aware of what you might like or be interested in for your future career, and this is exactly what happened to me with this internship at Caroll.

What are your best memories of your time at Lancaster?

I think one of my best memories was the group work experience I had with my Marketing Strategy group. Actually, it’s funny because at the very beginning of the year I had no idea of what group work at Lancaster would actually involve. As a typical French student, I was pretty sure we would write an agenda, spread the work, create a Google Drive and… See you at the presentation! Not at all, I quickly realized that in the UK group work does not work like this at all. It’s rigorous, challenging, and it’s about sharing and talking. And in my Marketing Strategy group, after a couple months of hardwork and good jokes in meeting sessions, they became my best friends in the class! We then organized Hot Pot and other dinners together, plus we also got the best grade! So I would say this aspect of my stay in Lancaster was an excellent one and created some amazing memories!

What were the best things about living in the Lancaster area?
Well, I would say Graduate College (which actually makes you feel attached to a certain part of the huge campus, I mean you feel like you belong to a certain family) with its own bar so you can regularly meet up with people.
The commodities are great (banks, hairdresser’s, costa coffee shops, restaurants…), the park and the sports centre are amazing. The social hub is also a good area to meet your friends to play ping-pong or something else.

Which parts of your Lancaster experience were the best preparation for your job?
Definitely, the Away Days organized but my Advanced Marketing supervisors, especially the one about leadership.