Portrait photograph of: Jayne Grier

Jayne Grier

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Degree: International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM), 2015

Head of Organisational Change & People, Frontline Aids

Why did you choose to do the IMPM?

The IMPM was a programme that had been offered to senior leaders within the Alliance for the last decade. There was an internal application process through which I was selected.

What surprised you the most about the program?

For an academic course, the ability to use and reflect on your day to day work, the efforts to get out of the classroom and visit other companies in all five countries, and the amount to be learnt from classmates (facilitated through the IMPM methodologies i.e. friendly consulting and daily reflection circles).

What are the key skills gained that you have used most?

The ability to reflect on my own management practice, but also to incorporate reflection space into organisational L&D events, meetings and in-house management training. 

What have you learned about yourself?

As a direct result of the IMPM experience, a new professional interest in organisational design and culture was sparked. I have since changed roles (within the same organisation).  After a 20 year career in communications and branding, I am now responsible for organisational development, including strategy development, systems, people and ICT.  I am also leading the Alliance’s leadership development programme, both for headquarters and for leaders in our partner organisations across the world.

Your advice for future IMPM students

Seize the opportunity – you will not regret it, and it may just change your perspective on work, and on life more broadly.  It did for me!