Portrait photograph of: Jiayi Luo

Jiayi Luo

Country Of Origin: China

Degree: BSc Accounting and Finance, 2013

Project Manager, China Emissions Exchange

When I first arrived in the UK I completed my foundation degree in Business and Management at the International Student Centre. I went on to study Accounting and Finance at LUMS because of the School's triple accreditation and reputation for quality teaching.

My experience at LUMS provided me with a well-balanced structure and provided me with the latest research and knowledge for future career development.

I enjoyed the project work most, with discussions amongst peers and tutors having a variety of ideas and interesting case studies which I could learn a lot from. I would like to thank all my lecturers and tutors for being professional and kind during my undergraduate study.

Within project work, many different attributes need to be demonstrated from team working, time management and computer literacy. I found the module on Investments to be most significant and useful, having to build an efficient frontier using Excel and learning techniques which I was then able to use when I took part in the ‘Investment Analysis’ competition in Paris.

During my time at Lancaster I completed different activities for the Lancaster Award. I was the course representative in my second year, attending meetings and providing feedback from students to staff. I also took part in the Transition Guide programme held by the Management School, being a volunteer on the admissions side. This meant I was tasked with assisting teachers, organising meetings and providing a welcoming atmosphere to new students. I also joined the Green Lancaster and British Heart Foundation and Barnado’s to help with fundraising activities and making a contribution to the local community. Not only did I gain friendship and different skills but tried my best to help people in need.

The University Careers service also provided me with lots of useful information, including resources needed for job-hunting and Insight activities. Insight provided me with a platform to learn about the labour market in the UK. Careers workshops also provided valuable experience in CV writing, application forms and interview techniques. These experiences have aided me a lot during my search for internships.

The LUMS Careers team also provided me with a lot of useful resources and workshops. In my first year I found an organisation, providing undergraduate students with an opportunity to work in the USA during the summer vacation. Using this information I was able to enjoy a wonderful summer experience in the USA.

I will always remember and miss my life at Lancaster University. As an international student I enjoyed my learning experience and found I could learn from people from different economic backgrounds and aided my communication skills. I have had lots of help from member of staff and friends, when faced with problems. The course provided was well-balanced and practical and I am proud of what I have learnt at Lancaster University.

Through different volunteering experiences, I aim to work for a NGO as my life goal. However, I will continue my postgraduate study and work for a financial firm. The communication skills I have gained will help me communicate with people from different backgrounds and the teamwork and time management skills will improve my working efficiency.