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Your Zoology offer

Congratulations on your offer. We hope to see you at one of our offer holder events. Take a look at some course info below and hear from our students.

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Our online events are a great way to find out more about your course, the community you'll be studying in, and they are an opportunity to meet staff and students, and experience subject taster sessions. Lancaster Environment Centre student Adam hopes you can make it!

Your offer holder event

When you receive your personal email invitation, you can register for one of the exclusive offer holder events to find out about our degrees. We'll cover the different degree schemes available; how you can choose to spend a year studying abroad or in placement; and how we prepare you for your career and entering the world of work. You can also chat with our students and academics to get a feel for the community you'll become a part of.

Look out for your personal email with a booking link.

The dates

  • Wednesday 17th February 2021, from 5.00pm
  • Saturday 20th March 2021, from 10.00am

The schedule

These are the sorts of things that we hope to cover during the event.

  • Welcome and virtual tour of the Department
  • Degree talk and Q&A with admissions tutors and student ambassadors
  • Subject demonstrations
  • Final questions and answers

Please note that although these events take place on an online video conferencing platform, you do not need to appear on camera or talk out loud to engage with the presentations. A chat function will allow you to ask questions.

Beyond the labs

We take advantage of our natural surroundings to create amazing fieldwork experiences in addition to opportunities to travel the world with residential overseas field trips.

Melissa Knott

A place for Abbie

My course at Lancaster University is like no other and it has everything I want from a degree. I am able to study topics in my first year that I have touched upon before, whilst discovering new things every day.

There are so many interesting modules, and the really great thing about my course is the wide range of subject areas we study, such as evolution, aquatic ecology, zoology and so much more. This means the scope of my learning is forever growing in the direction I want it to, especially as I have opportunities further down the line to specialise in my area of interest.

It's definitely an advantage that the University is on the Lake District's doorstep. I have many opportunities to visit various places which helps me to visualise my learning and delve deeper into ecology and conservation out in the field.

Abbie Pilkington, BSc Ecology and Conservation

Meet the Team

Professor Martin McAinsh

Professor Martin McAinsh

Director of Undergraduate Biology and Admissions Tutor for Zoology and Ecology & Conservation

My research focuses on plant cell biology. In particular, I am interested in how plants respond to environmental changes, such as drought or ozone pollution, and how this relates to sustainable agriculture. This research relates directly to my undergraduate teaching, which includes topics on plant responses to environmental change, biochemistry and cell biology. In addition to my teaching and research, I lead admissions to the portfolio of Biosciences degree programmes at Lancaster.

Dr Mike Roberts

Dr Mike Roberts

Senior Lecturer and Admissions Tutor for Zoology and Ecology and Conservation

In addition to researching the biology of plant stress responses focusing on plant-insect and plant-pathogen interactions, I am also the Programme Director for our portfolio of Zoology and Ecology degree schemes. I am therefore responsible for ensuring that all of our undergraduate modules are not only exciting and engaging, but also challenging. You’ll likely meet me during your studies at Lancaster as I teach during all three years of our Zoology and Ecology & Conservation degrees.

Keep in touch with us

If you would like more information, please feel free to email us at the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) at lec.ug@lancaster.ac.uk or telephone us on +44(0)1524 510249 or +44(0)1524 595014.

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