Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Rinat Gabitov

Applying for the Lancaster Fulbright scholarship was an obvious choice for me as Lancaster University has strong ties with the Fulbright Commission, and their nitrogen geochemistry laboratory offered an opportunity for my research. The alignment of my research interests with those of the researchers at the Environmental Centre made it an ideal fit.

In comparison to my academic experience in the USA, my time at Lancaster University had a different focus. Unlike teaching, I dedicated myself solely to research, which I found deeply gratifying. The laboratories impressed me, and Lancaster lived up to my expectations offering excellent facilities for my research project on crystal growth and nitrogen geochemistry. I was pleasantly surprised by the provision of individual lab coats, a thoughtful touch that I hadn't encountered in my previous affiliations in the US.

My social experience at Lancaster was rewarding. Engaging with colleagues on campus and interacting with the friendly locals of Galgate, the nearby village, added a unique and enriching dimension to my time at the university. Moreover, I now miss the convenient and affordable transport system in the UK, which allowed me to visit London and other places effortlessly on weekends. Additionally, the local pubs left a lasting impression on me with their efficient service and top-quality products, making them a welcoming place to unwind and socialise.

My Fulbright experience has been highly beneficial, providing me with extensive knowledge of the nitrogen cycle and invaluable expertise in analysing nitrogen compounds. The research-centric focus allowed me to engage in more meaningful round-table discussions with colleagues and students. Since completing the scholarship, I have continued to collaborate with Lancaster colleagues on a research publication based on the data collected during my time here. Lancaster's enriching environment and the warmth of its community have contributed significantly to my personal and professional growth.

For anyone contemplating applying for a Fulbright scholarship at Lancaster, I suggest expanding the duration of your stay to one year as it allows enjoying the unique seasonal changes and makes it easier to find a place to lodge, as many landlords require signing a 1-year lease.

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