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English for Academic Purposes (Study Skills)

The English for Academic Purposes (Study Skills) Programme is for international students intending to study at Lancaster University, and who are required or wish to improve their English language and study skills before starting their degree studies. 

Updated 14 May 2020

The English for Academic Purposes 2020 will be taught online.

If you have been offered a place on the EAP we will contact you with further information as soon as it is available.

Programme outline

The English for Academic Purposes (Study Skills) Programme is a 4-week programme for international students intending to study at Lancaster University who are required or wish to improve their English language and study skills before starting their degree course.

The programme helps you to:

  • develop the language skills you need for academic study at Lancaster University
  • prepare you for studying and living in the Lancaster area.

The main emphasis is on academic reading and writing skills, as these are very important for your later study. Speaking and listening skills are also covered, together with integrated work on language use in an academic context. We also provide tutorials (one-to-one discussions) to help you individually with your study needs, especially in relation to academic writing.

The course typically includes the following components

  • Academic Reading and Writing: The reading and writing skills you need for intensive study in higher education - adopting different strategies for different reading purposes; critically evaluating key texts; organising essays and reports; using an appropriate writing style.
  • Listening Comprehension: How to follow academic lectures and seminars and make useful notes.
  • Speaking Skills: How to take part in seminars (group discussions) - asking and responding to questions, giving and justifying opinions, making presentations and learning from feedback.
  • Language Development: This is an integral part of all our course components. The focus is on how language is used to express specific meanings in different academic contexts, especially in written assignments.

The course is full-time, with periods set aside for self-directed study.

More information

This four-week course is one of the pre-sessional English language courses available from Lancaster University.

You can find information on how to apply, including entry requirements, fees and dates here.

For enquiries about the course content, logistics and arrivals, please email

For enquiries about your main degree programme, please contact your department.

Frequently Asked Questions for online delivery 2020

Please be sure to read the following FAQs before contacting the Global Experiences team.


  • How has Covid-19 affected the EAP?

    Due to Covid-19, Lancaster University has made the decision to run the 4 week EAP programme online.  

  • How is the EAP delivered online?

    The course will be delivered on one or two online platforms. Students will receive further information and training about how to access and effectively use these platforms before the course begins. 

    The course is designed so that you can work on tasks in your own time making itsuitable for various time zones. As with other university level studies, students will need to study independently using the resources available.  

    Students will attend one-to-one appointments online with their Tutor to discuss their learning and to receive support. 

  • What equipment do I need to take part in the EAP?

    You will need access to a laptop or PC and you will need an active internet connection to access materials and take part in differentlearning activities. The online materials are designed to be accessible globally – we have tested our platforms in different parts of the world.  

  • How will I be assessed?

    Students are assessed and supported throughout the course by Tutors. There is no exam at the end of the course but students are expected to attend sessions and complete assignments throughout the course in order to continue onto studies in October. 

  • Is there a social programme?

    There will be a range of optional extra-curricular activities throughout the four weeks. Whether this is making friends with other students online, taking a virtual tour of Lancaster’s campus, or developing extra skills such as cross-cultural communication. 


  • How do I apply for my visa?

    Once you receive your CAS, you can apply for your visa. You can continue to apply for your visa during the online EAP course, ready for entry to the UK at the end of September. Offer holders will receive further information about visa application. 


  • When do I access the course and when do I travel to Lancaster?

    Students will be able to register online from 3 August. Once registered, students will have an email address where students will receive an in vitation to the EAP Course on Microsoft Teams. 

    The course finishes Friday 25 September and is flexible to support students who might need to travel to the UK during the course. You can find further information about arrivals for Michaelmas term here.

  • How much will the online course cost?

    The online EAP tuition fee will remain the same, £1,420. The course is designed by our experienced academic team, matching the quality and quantity of content with previous years. The materials are specifically tailored to online learning and Tutors will be supporting you throughout the programme.

    Students will have no accommodation fees due during EAP.