Applying to Lancaster

Our aim is to make the application process as simple and efficient as possible for you. With this in mind, we would encourage you to apply online using the My Applications website.

To submit an application, simply create an account on the My Applications website and then select ‘Create a new application’ from your homepage once you are logged-in. Using your account on the My Applications website, you are able to submit applications for the programme(s) which you wish to study, upload supporting documentation and provide us with information about referees.

Applying for Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy) and MA Social Work

These two programmes are administered by external agencies; you will find links to these agencies on the online course pages under Key Information.

Current Lancaster Students

If you are a current Lancaster student or recent Lancaster graduate and would like to apply for a Master's or other postgraduate taught course, then the amount of information you need to provide as part of your application can be reduced.

Go to the My Applications website and select the option for current students. We will submit an application for you using the information in your student record. If we need any further information we will let you know.

If you wish to apply for a Postgraduate research degree, you should do so directly via the My Applications website.

What do I need to include with my application?

Using the My Applications website

If you use the My Applications website then you will be advised which documentation you need to upload or send to us. We can automatically contact your referees once you have submitted your application, if you ask us to.

The supporting documentation screen will provide you with a list of required documents. These will usually include:

  • Degree certificates and transcripts of previous higher education (college/university) degrees or other courses that you have completed/for which you are currently studying. Note that, for transcripts in languages other than English, a certified English translation will be required
  • Personal Statement
  • Research proposal (for research degrees)
  • References
  • For those for whom English is not their first language, copies of English language test results

Other application methods

If you are unable to use the My Applications website to apply then you may submit a paper application form instead – please contact the appropriate Faculty Admissions Office:

Arts and Social Sciences
Science & Technology
Faculty contact details
Health & Medicine