Applying for Postgraduate Study

We have an online application portal (MyApplications) where you can:

  • Upload your documents
  • Submit your application
  • Track the progress of your application

You can apply online by using MyApplications for the majority of postgraduate courses taught at Lancaster University.

You cannot use MyApplications for the following postgraduate courses:

What you will need to provide

As part of your online application you will need to upload supporting documentation. We will contact your referees once you have submitted your application, if you ask us to.

The supporting documentation section will show you a list of required documents.

  • Degree certificates and transcripts of College or University degrees or other courses. These may be for courses that you have completed, or for which you are currently studying. If these are not in English, we will need to see a certified English translation.
  • Personal Statement
  • Research proposal (for research degrees)
  • References
  • English language test results (if English is not your first language)

For master's applications, we need a copy your transcript and a personal statement before we can make a decision. The other documents can be provided later.

To start your application, go to the MyApplications portal and create an account.

If you cannot apply online

If you cannot use the MyApplications portal then you may submit a paper application form instead. Please contact the Admissions Team.

If you are a Lancaster University student

If you are a current Lancaster University student, you are guaranteed an offer on selected master's courses, provided that you meet the entry requirements.

Choosing a master's course can be an opportunity for a change of direction, if you would like to find out which courses you are eligible to study, please contact us.

  • To start your application please visit MyApplications, select the Current Lancaster Students option and log in by using your Lancaster University username and password.
  • Most of the personal details section will be pre-filled automatically from your student record, any sections marked with a * will need to be completed if the information has not been pre-filled.
  • Select the course that you are applying to study.
  • The qualifications and experience section will be pre-filled with your current study, you can edit this information if you need to add any further information.
  • When you have selected and saved your chosen course, the personal statement and referees section will be greyed out if you are applying for a masters course.
  • If you are applying for a masters course, the list of supporting documentation will be reduced and you won’t be asked to supply a degree transcript, degree certificate or references. If you need to provide any documentation in support of your application this will be listed, for example, some of our courses require a CV or writing sample, etc. and you can upload these here.
  • Please complete the application sections that are not greyed out – these will show a green tick next to them when they are complete.
  • To submit your application please confirm that you have read the declaration and our terms and conditions.
  • We will send you an email to confirm that we have received your application.

If you are applying for a postgraduate research programme, you will need to apply by using MyApplications and you will need to provide the documents listed in the evidence section on the application form.