Admissions Information: 2019 Entry

This page provides useful information about the next steps in the admissions process for undergraduate students who have made Lancaster their firm choice for 2019 entry.

To a large extent the information on this page is aimed at those who have applied through UCAS, however it may also be applicable to those transferring to us through other routes.

If your acceptance is confirmed, then we'll email you in August or early September with information about registration and introductory arrangements. Your College Office will also send information about your College and details of the accommodation reserved for you (unless you have elected to arrange your own). It is important that you respond to this as soon as possible.

Please ensure that you can deal immediately with the registration material; some of the information must be responded to well before the beginning of term.

If you hold an unconditional offer then paragraphs 3-6 will not be relevant to your application.

Please read the following instructions carefully and bookmark this page for future reference. If you will be away from home in the second half of August, then please make sure that somebody can deal with your mail, and inform them of the information below.

1. If you change your postal address, phone number or email address you must let UCAS know immediately

You can do this on UCAS Track or by contacting the UCAS hotline on 0371 4680468 or +44 330 3330 230. The University will be kept updated via UCAS of any changes you make. If you are at boarding school or studying away from home, please make sure that you change your postal address at the end of the summer term. All applicants should ensure email address information is correct. Please be aware school/college email addresses may deactivate over the summer and it is your responsibility to provide a working email address.

2. Please email the Undergraduate Admissions Office (