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Applied Psychology/Health in an International Clinical Context (New)

Dates: 25 June – 6 July 2018

Psychology and health related students are invited to join 16 students from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia to visit Sunway University in Malaysia.

You will have a great week of intercultural experiences with Malay, Chinese, Indian and Australian peers together in one place. You will have another week made up of visits to a psychiatric hospital, a mental health NGO plus seminars for presentations of your reflections. This is a great opportunity to apply your learning to a multi-cultural environment outside the classroom and enhance your global experience through travel.

Programme cost: £821 (covers accommodation, food and official group travel within Malaysia).

Group return flight cost ca. £700 

Factsheet - Psychology and Health

Skull prop in hospital

Lille, Brussels and Northern France, at the crossroads of Europe

Dates: 1 July - 7 July

Explore the rich cultural heritage of Northern France as it navigates between the demands of globalisation and its renewed sense of identity.

Understand how the defunct mining industry left its mark in the traditions of small communities in a region that has now embraced the challenges of the globalised 21st century, through a rich programme of activities and film screenings.

You will be going to Lille & Brussels, at the heart of the European Union, two thriving hubs, which offer a unique cultural blend of old and new embedded in an ever-changing urban landscape.

You will also participate in seminars and discussions with locals about current socio-political issues such as the migrant crisis and climate change and their impact on the region.

Activities will include a tour of a Mining History Centre, walks in neighbourhoods that combine unique art deco landmarks with ambitious projects of urban renovation, as well as a day in Brussels, including a visit of the European institutions. And of course, you will have opportunities to experience Lille’s thriving scene and sample the local gastronomy!

This trip will be of particular interest to students of Politics and IR, Geography, History, Arts and Languages.

Programme cost: £500

(including scheduled activities and accommodation during your stay, no group flight provided)

Factsheet - Lille & Brussels

Grand Palace, Brussels

Global Leader Experience - Boston

Dates: 8-14 July 2018

Join the Global Leader Experience and develop your ability to lead from a truly global perspective. Along with students from Lancaster University and Boston University you will play a part in tackling the biggest issues facing businesses, governments and societies worldwide.

• Be a global leader - develop your skills and Cultural Intelligence (the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures)
• Travel around the world and get under the surface of a different culture
• Change the world - bring fresh solutions to complex problems
• Develop networks - with the breadth of relationships needed for success today
• Build your CV - add a valuable experience that employers are seeking

Deadline: 15 May 2018

Programme cost: £950 (includes activites and accommodation)

Group return flight cost: circa £670

'It was a programme that truly challenged us all to think innovatively and realistically about making change happen.' (Justin Flynn, Boston University Participant)

Factsheet - Boston

Sample Schedule

Boston skyline

Explore China with Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU)

Dates: 25/26 August – 15/16 September 2018

Delve into China’s rich history and experience a cultural immersion with the assistance of students and staff from Beijing Jiaotong University and Lancaster University.

Take part in an intensive schedule of activities that includes, amongst other things, time spent travelling around Beijing visiting iconic locations including the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall. You will have the opportunity to learn the local language, taste the local food and join in the art of traditional Chinese calligraphy. You will also get the chance to spend a week on the east coast of China at the Lancaster University-BJTU Weihai campus, interacting with students and experiencing a different part of the country, spending a day on the beautiful Liugong Island and learning about the complex history between China, Japan and the UK.

Programme Cost: £995 (includes scheduled activities, meals and accommodation during your stay)

Group Flight Cost ca. £700

Watch Aaliya's Experience in China - Produced by Monika Wilczynska

Factsheet - China

Student group in China

Discover India with Manipal University

Dates: 18/19 August – 7/8 September 2018

Explore the beautiful and diverse culture of India with Manipal University, spending three weeks in the north and south of the country.

Visit temples and heritage sites to understand and learn about the religions, history and ethos of the Indian people. Spend a night sleeping under the trees at the stunning Western Ghats national park and a weekend by the beach in the town of Goa. Take in the city of Jaipur and some of the biggest tourist destinations across the whole of India, including both the Amber Fort and the magnificent Taj Mahal.  

Programme Cost: £1100 (includes scheduled activities, meals and accommodation during your stay)

Group Return Flight Cost ca. £600

“Be being able to experience once in a lifetime trips to India and the USA makes Lancaster experience truly global.”
(Molly McDonough 2015-2018, BA International Relations) 

Factsheet - India

Experience Asia in Malaysia

Dates: 25/26 August – 15/16 September 2018

Participate in a fascinating three weeks at Sunway University in Malaysia, taking advantage of all the opportunities Kuala Lumpur has to offer and gaining valuable leadership skills in a new and exciting environment.

You will explore the surrounding areas, taking in sights including the magnificent Patronus Towers and the incredible Batu Caves, and have the opportunity to spend a weekend living with a traditional Malay family, learning about their way of life. You will also work with students and staff at Sunway University, visiting and learning from some of the large organisations and businesses in the centre of Kuala Lumpur.

Programme Cost: £1100 (includes scheduled activities, meals and accommodation during your stay)

Group Return Flight Cost ca. £700

"Going to a university where I have met and become close friends with people from all over the world, as well as giving me the opportunity to travel to Malaysia, has been an incredibly eye-opening and humbling experience."
(Gerta Ramaj 2015-2018, LLB Law)

Gerta's Malaysian Experience

Factsheet - Malaysia 

See Berlin through a Different Lens - 2 streams (New)

Dates: 24 September – 1 October 2018

Choose one of two trips to explore different sides of Berlin's rich political history.

Berlin Stream 1 - Crossing Borders

Join a week-long intense programme of activities organised around the theme of Crossing Borders. Borders of different kinds offer the chance to explore and understand the meaning and challenges of global connections, diversity and rapid social and political change. You will explore the history and contemporary politics and practices of establishing borders and boundary making. Berlin, as it is geographically today with its unique historical sites, museums, distinctive neighbourhoods and diverse population will be our classroom. You will walk, talk, meet Berliners and sample the foods representing the diversity of the city. Venture out of town, you will visit the border between Germany and Poland in Frankfurt/Slubice. You will participate in seminars, read and watch films that enhance your understanding of the role borders play within society. This non-credit programme offers immersive learning that will be of particular interest to students of Politics and IR, German, History and Sociology.    

Factsheet - Berlin Borders

Berlin Stream 2 - Layers of History

You will have the opportunity to confront the different layers and eras of Berlin’s history, visiting the capital of Germany for a week and diving into the influential and fascinating past of this city. The German capital has not only been at the crossroads of different cultures, but before returning to its current status, it was, in turn, the capital of Prussia, the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, and the Third Reich. Thereafter, it became not only the epicentre of the Cold War, but also a divided city in the heart of East Germany and Europe, until the wall came down in 1989. On this programme, you will develop an understanding of how a single city can reflect and encompass various historical periods, and how this can be perceived through the cityscape. While lectures and self-study will be part of the learning experience, you will spend the vast majority of your time on guided visits and tours. You will visit Berlin landmarks and surroundings including the Reichstag, the Allied Museum, the Berlin Wall Memorial, Neuhardenberg Castle, Potsdam, Glienicker Bridge (the ‘Bridge of Spies’), Tempelhof Airport, and the German Resistance Memorial Centre.

Programme Cost: £550 (includes scheduled activities and accommodation during your stay, no group flight provided)‌

Factsheet - Berlin History

International Cultural Experience at Lancaster

Dates: 22 July – 11 August 2018

Join over 200 members from a multitude of cultural backgrounds to study a 10-credit Lancaster module of Intercultural Competencies and Community Engagement.

This programme provides experiential learning that gives an insight into what it means to work collaboratively, communicate within internationalised teams, show resilience and understand multiple perspectives.  It supports the development of strong skills and knowledge through interactive lectures, industry visits, team building and cultural awareness sessions. You will also learn about British politics and social changes, and develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills through projects, guided reflections and group presentations.

Programme cost: £875 (includes accommodation, scheduled activities and meals)

See videos of highlights of ICE 2017

Factsheet - ICE

Can I get financial assistance?

In 2017, over 60% of students who joined the vacation travel programmes received some form of financial assistance. We believe that no one should be excluded on the basis of cost alone, so we have a number of awards and grants that could cover the majority of your total fee. Such methods of assistance can be found online and applied for during the online application stage.

Lancaster Global Travel Award (up to £1,000)

UK & EU students can apply for this award if they have financial circumstances that would make it difficult to travel without assistance. While it is means tested, we will take applications from anybody who is in need of support.

Santander Flight Grant (up to £500)

We also have grants available from Santander to help support any students who are interested in travelling and need further support.

College Travel Award (circa £150)

Contact your College Manager for more information.

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