Research Principles

The statement of principles below summarises Lancaster University’s approach for developing our research-led environment.

Lancaster University aims to:

  • Produce world-leading research which has beneficial impacts on the economy, society, culture, policy, health and the environment.
  • Produce research that positively influences academic thinking globally, shaping academic areas of research throughout the world.
  • Collaborate internationally with the best researchers around the world, in universities and in non-academic organisations.
  • Educate postgraduate and undergraduate students in a research-led environment, producing a world class student experience that is informed by the research expertise of the University.
  • Develop our academic staff and postgraduate research students in a nurturing research environment.
  • Ensure disciplinary and interdisciplinary research thrives, ensuring that traditional academic boundaries never inhibit our research thinking.
  • Shape our research priorities by the challenges that society faces globally.
  • Bring the best academics to the University, as employees and as visitors.
  • Invest in our research environment ensuring that our academics and research students have access to world class facilities.
  • Ensure our world class facilities are sustainable, including through collaboration and partnership.
  • Conduct our research to high ethical standards, and share the outcomes of our research in line with the principles of open access and open data.