Broken glass

Damage Charges

Our accommodation is well maintained and your positive first impression is very important to us. We rely on students treating it with care and respect while in residence and leaving it the way they found it.

Our teams are experienced in dealing with acceptable wear and tear, but occasionally we encounter rooms that have not been looked after or left clean. Sometimes things get damaged or broken during the year and we may have to pass on the cost of repair or replacement.

The following charges are indicative of the normal cost of repair or replacement of missing or broken items in the accommodation for which you are responsible, and they exclude VAT and admin charges where those are applicable.

Damages not listed here may also incur recharges but are subject to costing, and will be as per invoice.

Access & Security

Historically over 95% of our residents have said that they feel safe and secure in our accommodation and we appreciate your help in maintaining that.

Please remember to keep your accommodation secure and look after your keys.

The following charges are indicative of those relating to access and security.

Door Lock change: As per invoice. NB this may involve a full re-suiting of the flat.

Door Key: £22.05

Mailbox key: £5

Key Fob: £11

Key Tag: £5

Room Number: £15.60

Window handle: £14.30

Window restrictor: £26.05



Remember to keep your room (and en suite if you have one) clean and tidy during your stay with us - it makes it much easier to leave it as you found it when you come to move out.

You are also jointly responsible for kitchen cleanliness during your stay. Where we determine that this is not the case and advice is not acted upon, we will engage contractors to carry out the work and pass the cost on.

The following charges are indicative of those relating to cleaning.

Kitchen general: As costed

Cupboards left dirty: £5.25 each

Microwave left dirty: £10.50

Rubbish removal: £6.30 per bag/large item

Removal of large items: £50

En suite facility left dirty: £30

Dirty en suite fixtures: £5.25 each

Room left dirty: £21

Spot cleaning: £12.60

Carpet cleaning: £31.50

Curtain/blind cleaning: £26.25

Sofa cleaning: £30

Window cleaning: £10.50 per side


Bedroom & Ensuite

We hope you will be comfortable in your room and leave it as you found it for the next occupant.

One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to buy a mattress protector and use it - we have to clean or replace any marks found and the cost of this can be high.

The following charges are indicative of those relating to the bedrooms.

Study chair: £110.05

Mattress (single replacement): £118.37

Mattress (long single replacement): £139.30

Mattress (spot clean only): £20

Mattress (double/queen replacement): £138.14

Curtains: £92.21 per pair

Wastepaper bin: £11.45

Wardrobe mirror: £72.51

Spy Hole: £13

Curtains not on rail: £10

Furniture moved: £16.80

Ceiling Tile replacement: £11 each

Notice board replacement: £66.30

En suite mirror/shelf: £27.55

Toilet pan: £100

Toilet seat/cover: £25.86

Shower curtain: £14.01



If you break something please let us know so we can arrange to have it repaired or replaced and pass any charges (if applicable) on to the right person.

The following charges are indicative of those relating to the kitchens.

Table/chair damaged: As per invoice

Ironing board: £24.88

Iron: £24.87

Dish drainer: £12.21

Washing up bowl (small square): £12.09

Cutlery tray: £11

Kitchen bin: £20

Mop bucket: £14.71

Mop: £14.72

Sweeping brush: £11.98

Dustpan & brush: £10.93

Kettle: £30.23

Toaster: £44.56

Microwave: £124.42


Decoration & Repairs

Normal living in the accommodation will over time result in some light scuffing to the walls, and we expect this. Sometimes we have to carry out more painting than we would expect though and there are a few things you can do to avoid this, such as not using sellotape or blu-tac on the walls, taking care, and wiping any marks you might inadvertently make.

The following charges are indicative of those relating to decoration and other maintenance.

Patch painting above wear and tear: £16.80 per Sq. M

Removal of hooks and other items stuck to walls: £8.40

Paint whole room: As per invoice

Plaster damage: £37 per Sq. M

Unblocking of sinks/drains: £16.80

Paint tins

Health & Safety

Fire safety is taken very seriously in the accommodation so it's important to note that if you tamper with the equipment you will be subject to disciplinary proceedings and may well be breaking the law.

Never use the fire extinguishers (or anything else) to prop open doors, never cover up a smoke detector, and never leave anything - including boxes, suitcases and sports kit - in the corridors.

The following charges are indicative of those relating to fire fighting equipment. Damage to, and tampering with these may also result in disciplinary action and a separate fine under the Student Discipline Regulations.

Refill fire extinguisher: £55.10

Replace fire extinguisher: £75

Replace fire blanket: £27.55

Fire exit sign missing: £22.05

Fire extinguisher tag broken: £5.50

Fire blanket container: £16.55

Fire extinguisher