Catered accommodation outlet

Catered Accommodation

Most of our accommodation is self-catered but we do offer a catered package in some areas, consisting of breakfast and dinner every day during term time.

There are a selection of room types available in four of the colleges. Bowland College offers Basic Standard and Basic Ensuite rooms, while Cartmel, County and Lonsdale all offer Superior Ensuite.

  • What's included in the catering?

    Breakfast and dinner is provided every day during term time (including weekends), and in Welcome Week. That makes 31 weeks.

    Please note that your overall contract is 40 weeks as we do not cater during the Christmas and Easter vacations.

  • What if I have special dietary requirements?

    No problem at all, simply get in touch with the catering team in advance, or have a word with somebody on your first day.

  • Where will I eat?

    There are two outlets - Marketplace at the north end of campus serves Bowland and County students on the scheme, while Barker House Farm at the south end serves Cartmel and Lonsdale.

    All students on the scheme are housed together tin their blocks.

  • How much does it cost?

    Superior Ensuite catered rooms are available in Cartmel, County and Lonsdale Colleges, at £190.75 per week. Bowland College offers Basic Standard rooms (£142.10) and Basic Ensuite rooms (£177.24).

  • What's included in the bedrooms?

    Whichever room type you choose will be exactly the same as its non-catered equivalent.

    Your study-bedroom will be fitted out with a bed (with under-bed storage), desk, wardrobe, drawers, notice board, shelves and a chair. Curtains or blinds will be at the windows.

  • What's included in the kitchens?

    Again, whichever type of accommodation you live will still offer the same facilities as its non-catered equivalent.

    The kitchens are equipped with cookers and microwaves, kettle and toaster, fridges and freezers and cupbaord storage space, as well as table and seating.

    A vacuum cleaner, ironing board and iron are also supplied.

  • Where can I find out more?

    You can find more information and photographs of each room type in the main undergraduate section of our website.

    For more detail of the scheme itself, take a look at the Catered Accommodation page.

Where on campus?

See the map below for locations of our Catered Accommodation. Click on the pins for external pictures.