Standard campus accommodation

Standard accommodation

We have a variety of rooms classed as 'Standard' where students share WC/shower facilities as well as the kitchen. Most of this has been refurbished since 2008.

Standard accommodation is available in Bowland, Furness, Grizedale and Pendle Colleges. We also offer Superior Standard accommodation in Bowland and County Colleges, and Basic Standard accommodation in Bowland College.


  • How many people share each flat?

    Eight students share kitchen, shower rooms and WCs in Grizedale and Pendle colleges, while 4-6 students share the cluster flats in Furness Perimeter, and between 5 and 10 in Bowland Main, South and East.

    Superior Standard accommodation in Bowland and County is arranged in slightly larger clusters of 8-13 students, while Bowland's Basic Standard rooms are arranged in clusters of around 15 people.

    WC/shower facilities are all non-binary except in Bowland Annexe (Basic Standard) where they are defined as male or female.

  • How much do they cost?

    Our Standard rooms attract a weekly fee of £109.76 over 40 weeks.

    Superior Standard rooms in Bowland and County cost £124.11 per week over 40 weeks.

    Bowland's Basic Standard rooms attract a lower weekly rent of £94.08 over 40 weeks, reflecting the age and provision on offer.

  • What's included in the bedrooms?

    All variations of Standard accommodation include a bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, drawers and bookshelf, plus a washbasin with a mirror above it. Blinds will be at the windows.

    All of the beds in our Standard and Superior Standard accommodation are longer than normal, measuring approximately 2100x900mm. The only exception is in the Basic Standard rooms, where they are the 1900x900mm.

  • What's included in the kitchens

    All of the kitchens have been refurbished and offer storage space for all students, plus good provision of cookers, fridge and freezer space, microwave, kettle, toaster, vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board. There is also a dining table and chairs.

    Superior Standard kitchens also include a breakfast bar and soft seating.


Where on campus?

See the map below for the locations of standard accommodation on campus. Click on the pins for external pictures.

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The Standard accommodation shown here belongs to Bowland College but there are variations of this type available in other colleges.