Marketing The Lottery In Australia!

Catherine Drummond

Catherine Drummond (Culture, Media & Communications, 2006, Furness) tells how her marketing degree has led from initially a job in Manchester to a role at the Lottery Office in Australia.

"After graduating from Lancaster University, I embarked on my professional journey in the vibrant city of Manchester, where I joined Peter House, a bustling corporate centre catering to a diverse clientele of over 80 companies.

At Peter House, I immersed myself in a dynamic environment, serving as a Business Support Officer. This role served as a cornerstone for my career, affording me invaluable exposure to a multitude of skills spanning customer support, office administration, and event coordination.

Seeking new horizons, I embarked on a journey to Australia. While navigating visa restrictions limiting my employment to six-month intervals, I diversified my experience by delving into contracts administration at Foxtel, a prominent media entity, and providing technical support at Hirum, a leading software firm.

Upon securing permanent residency, I transitioned to Global Players Network, a mail order marketing enterprise licensed to promote lottery products worldwide. Initially tasked with customer acquisitions, I honed my negotiation skills, engaged in international liaison with industry partners, and managed budgets.

Evolving within the company, I transitioned to the retention team, delving into the analytical facets of the customer journey. This phase allowed me to explore segmentation strategies and the intricacies of our expansive mailing campaigns spanning nine countries.

As the landscape of marketing evolved, so did our approach. With the advent of online platforms, Global Players Network ventured into the digital sphere with the launch of The Lottery Office, revolutionising the Australian lottery landscape.

Returning to my roots in customer acquisition, I now spearhead the media operations of The Lottery Office, orchestrating comprehensive advertising strategies across various channels including television, radio, digital platforms, and beyond.

Reflecting on my journey, I credit my education at Lancaster University for providing me with a solid foundation in marketing principles, enabling me to navigate diverse professional landscapes and continually adapt to evolving industry trends."

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