New Poetry Pamphlet for Lenni Sanders

30 April 2019 10:06
Lenni Sanders, poacher, poetry

Five years after graduating from Lancaster, Lenni Sanders ( English Literature with Creative Writing, 2014 ) has a pamphlet coming out with the Birmingham based publisher, The Emma Press.

The 26 year old alumni studied English with Creative Writing, winning the 2014 Portfolio Prize for final year Creative Writing work.

The pamphlet, Poacher, explores the body, sexuality, and dreams and nightmares. Populated by characters including a concert pianist with tarantulas for hands, Poacher is published on May 16th 2019 by the Emma Press. Lenni now lives in Manchester, where there is a launch event on May 28th at The Peer Hat. There will be a London launch event on May 10th at Seven Dials Club (a joint event also launching two other Emma Press pamphlets, by Jeffery Sugarman and Kathy Pimlott). 

“I wanted the tone for this pamphlet to be both disquieting and tender. I'm so delighted the Emma Press is publishing Poacher. A couple of the poems in it were written while I was studying at Lancaster,” said Lenni, who found the degree “enormously supportive.” 

“Studying at Lancaster University was a brilliant experience. The lecturers who taught me shaped the way I write and the way I read, and I loved going to the faculty literature events, where visiting writers performed their work. Hearing Michael Symmons Roberts read in 2014 was a particular highlight.”

“The creative writing seminars were my introduction to giving and receiving serious constructive criticism with other writers. Having the weekly seminar as a testing ground for new pieces really helped me find my voice – seeing what worked and what didn't, what was received well and what wasn't so much! It was also formative being part of the Lancaster University Writers' Society who, on top of my Creative Writing seminars, were a very valuable community of peers.” 

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