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One of the most exciting fundraising developments at Lancaster University this year has been the launch of the Lancaster University Opportunity Fund.

This new fundraising appeal aims to raise money to support students who are traditionally under-represented at university. Donations will help us to provide a range of activities and opportunities that will enable our students to make the most of their time at Lancaster; equipping them with the resources they need to fulfil their potential.

Donors to this fund are helping the University to provide a place where people are treated with dignity and respect and where no one is disadvantaged because of who they are.

The fund will support our work across five vital areas;

1. Outreach work, to enable us to work with bright young individuals from backgrounds traditionally under-represented at university, in addition to offering scholarships to attract such students from the UK and around the world.

2. Programmes of activities and bespoke support which will enable students from such

backgrounds to thrive during their studies and successfully progress into graduate employment or postgraduate study.

3. Bursaries to ensure that no one is discouraged by the cost of higher education.

4. Hardship funds to support students in times of need.

5. Student mental health services to ensure that, should students require access to services during their time at Lancaster, we are able to offer support as quickly as possible.

Whilst this fund exists to support our student community, we wouldn’t be able to raise these funds without the involvement of an incredible group of student fundraisers. One of our student team members, Joe-David Okito, tells us about his experience of working as a part of the fundraising team, including his motivations for making a difference and supporting this worthwhile cause:

“My name is Joe-David, I’m a second-year philosophy and politics student here at Lancaster. I enjoy playing football - I play for the Furness College football team and the Nigerian Society. I also enjoy theatre and I’m a part of the Lancaster University Theatre group.

“I was attracted to the student fundraising role when I saw the opportunity to raise money for the University for such a good cause. This fund is designed to help make university education accessible, by making sure that students can make the most of their time here, so I definitely wanted to be involved. The opportunity to speak to alumni also appealed to me, especially with those who have gained professional and life experience in my area of study.

“The alumni who I spoke to were fantastic. I enjoyed the conversations where I learnt about their lives and careers beyond graduating. Many shared how they progressed and moved up the career ladder, the things that they would have done differently, and they were happy to give advice based on their life experiences. This was really valuable to me and I’m so grateful for the wisdom that they shared.

“I loved being a part of the team, it was a very fun and positive environment with an upbeat spirit. We would celebrate together when gifts came in, although there was definitely a competitive element! We always knew that we were all working collectively for a very good cause so it was a brilliant experience.

“Raising money from Lancaster alumni felt like a big accomplishment, as it was contributing to a fund that will go towards making someone’s university experience better. Seeing that the result of your own hard work can have a positive impact on someone else’s life felt very rewarding.

“I want to say a big thank you to our alumni who have donated to the Lancaster University Opportunity Fund. Your generosity means so much, it’s more than I can put into words. It really changes people’s lives and university experiences. Your support makes opportunities more accessible to students and makes university life more enjoyable.

"Having to worry less about finances and other hardships means that students can make the most of the opportunities that come with being at a top university, so thank you so much for all that you do.”

Thank you to all of our alumni who have donated to the Lancaster University Opportunity Fund; you really do make an incredible difference.

To find out more about the fund and how you can get involved, please visit opportunity-fund or contact our team at

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