The Forty Year Lancaster University Family Connection Lives On!

Jemma Kerns, 40th anniversary, family connection
L-R Jemma Kerns, Gillian Kelly, Claire Kelly, Brian Kelly

Jemma Kerns (nee Kelly) tells how the Lancaster University connection continues through the generations within her family (even extending to the pre-school!)

"We would like to wish our Mum and Dad (Gill & Brian Kelly) a very Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary! Both graduates of Lancaster University it holds a very special place in their and the family’s heart. They met during their first week on the Lake District trip to Grasmere for new Postgraduate students in 1980. Gill (then Hughes) was studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Social work and was a member of Cartmel College and Brian was studying for an MA in Marketing and was a member of County College. On 18th September 1982, they married and throughout the years regularly visited Lancaster. A few years later in 2004, Jemma their eldest daughter, applied to Lancaster University and completed her BSc in Natural Sciences (joining Pendle) and went on to complete her PhD (2007-2010) as well. Claire, their youngest daughter, joined Jemma at Lancaster in 2006 to study for a BSc in Psychology (and joined County), followed by a MSc in Psychology in 2011 and PhD (2013-2017). During her BSc, Jemma met her now husband Andy at Lancaster while he was studying a BA in History (and was part of Lonsdale). The newest addition to the family, Andy and Jemma’s son, even attended and graduated from the campus pre-school in 2019.

It’s amazing to think that over 40 years ago when Gill and Brian first met at Lancaster University, what an impact it would have not just on their lives but their whole family as well.

Happy 40th Mum and Dad!"

Jemma, Andy and Alexander x

Claire and Michael x

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