Unveiling a Transformative Ruskin Project: Merging Technology and Art

Students who have participated in the Ruskin transformation project - Eden, Joanna and William
Eden, Joanna and William - student staff involved in the Ruskin Project

In the realm of innovative technology, the Innovation team (ITPI) is making a significant impact through VR and AR. The team, which employs over 15 students, provides them with a unique opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to practical scenarios, and has been contributing to a number of innovative and exciting projects.

The ITPI Team

The ITPI team works collaboratively to turn research and briefs into innovative products or services. They really emphasise student involvement, offering part-time roles aligned with students’ studies. This approach enables them to gain valuable on-the-job skills, fostering a deeper understanding of their academic subjects or other areas in which they are interested. Working with students also allows for a fresh perspective and different points of view, ensuring each project is suitable for its target audience.

How We’ve Been Working with AR and VR – The Ruskin Project

Recently, ITPI joined forces with Professor Sandra Kemp, the esteemed curator of the Ruskin Museum and Research Centre, for a transformative project. The Ruskin Project focuses on celebrating the legacy of John Ruskin by utiliisng Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) to provide a unique platform for appreciating and learning about his work.

Our team meticulously worked to capture the essence of Ruskin's art and philosophy, utilising this cutting-edge technology to offer an experience that showcases his contributions like never before. Partnering with ITPI allows integration of this technology to enhance the appreciation of Ruskin's remarkable legacy.

This is what some of their student staff had to say about working for ITPI and this project:

Eden: “It has been a pleasure to work with the Ruskin on this project. We were given the liberty to explore different areas of John Ruskin's work and created various bite-size VR experiences around it. In collaboration with fellow students, we shared our different interpretation and perspective on the collection we were given. "

William: “Through the Ruskin project, I have had the chance to work with a brilliant team to bring the enchanting ideas of Ruskin to life in a new form. Learning about Ruskin and discovering his ties to my home country of Japan has truly been special, as I experience a connection between the work I do at Lancaster and my home so far away.”

Joanna: “The Ruskin Project has been a revelation in merging creativity with technology. Working on this initiative has not only allowed me to witness the seamless integration of VR/AR with art, but also allowed me to explore a completely new way of thinking. Being in the presence of Ruskin’s work really influenced and inspired me, changing how I approach every day.”

As ITPI continues to push the boundaries of technology, the Ruskin Project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. You can follow the team’s work through their socials and website to see how the journey unfolds as ITPI seeks to redefine how we perceive and interact with the masterpieces of the past through the intersection of art and technology.

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