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We have alumni groups all across Asia & the Middle East, with a range of events and activities for you to take part in. Find your nearest alumni co-ordinator below. 

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Alumni Network Coordinators


Alumni Coordinator: Rifhan Ideris

Contact information: Email Rifhan directly.

What I'm doing now: I am currently a Fencing Scheme Athlete at a local academy. Apart from training as an athlete, I also assist the national team coach and the President of the Brunei Darussalam Fencing Federation in teaching beginner intakes of the scheme.

Why I volunteer: I hope to be able to stay connected with the university and be able to give advice to prospective students as well as to help Lancaster alumni in Brunei grow their network.

Rifhan Ideris



Alumni Coordinators: Nan Zhang, Siyu Li (Ann), Viorica and Luna

Contact information: Email Nan , Ann or Viorica or Luna directly.

What I'm doing now:

Nan - When I came back to Beijing from Lancaster, I got into Research Institute for Fiscal Science in Ministry of Finance as a graduate student. I thought I would study accounting, but I am busy doing all this fiscal work and I did not realise I would have gone so far in database and econometrics. I am proud to be a part in the new Chinese financial revolution in central and local government. But my dream is still reading all the books on the management and economic shelf and being a nerd in a university.

Ann - I'm a TV series and film overseas distributor, distributing Chinese and Thai content to the rest of the world. I go to various TV and Film Festivals to promote diverse content to potential customers.

Viorica - I currently work as a teacher of English Language and Literature in an international school that follows the International Baccalaureate programme.

Luna - I work in North China University of Technology as an English Teacher.

Why I volunteer:

Nan - I grew up in Beijing, but I know how hard it is for my friends to find a place here in the crowded city and I know how confused we are at the beginning. It is hard for us to get together because everyone is busy, so I became one of the organisers. It has been two years and we are reaching out to all alumni in Beijing. This year we have 200 people in our WeChat group. I love Lancaster and I love my city. Being a co-ordinator means I can be with both of them at the same time and it is a great personal experience. I have learned a lot and met great people. I have the opportunity to familiarise myself with the careers and lives of hundreds of people who share the memory of Lancaster.

Ann - I really enjoyed my Uni life so when I realised there was an opportunity to assist as a volunteer in Beijing, I was happy to continue the connection with Lancaster.

Viorica - I have enjoyed the alumni events organised in Hong Kong and Beijing and would like to contribute to the Lancaster Alumni network to help graduates stay in touch with the University and each other.

Luna - I'm really interested in helping to organise and host a series of alumni events.

Photo of Nan Zhang


Alumni Coordinators: Jiaxin Xie, Giulia Ravasi, Jin Li and Weitang Liao

Contact information: Email Jiaxin, Giulia, Jin or Weitang directly.

What I'm doing now:

Jiaxin - I am working as the Senior PMO Officer at HSBC.

Giulia - My Master's degree in International Innovation Entrepreneurship catapulted me to Guangzhou for a period of 6 months working on a company project in partnership with a UK company and a local Chinese company. At the end of the six months project, I didn’t leave China. I remained, settled down here and started my career in International Trade importing British FMCG products and culture.

Jin -I have been working in HSBC global banking and finance for one year and then founded an education company with my business partner.

Weitang - I am currently focusing on private investment opportunities in Mainland China. I also food and drink tasting events in Guangzhou.

Why I volunteer:

Jiaxin - I am happy to chat with people and build relationships with others especially as we all share the happy memories of Lancaster - the University and the town.

Giulia - I am volunteering as an alumni group co-ordinator in Guangzhou not only because I wish to develop a community of talented people in the city where I live and work, but mainly because I want to keep the spirit of Lancaster University alive and give something back to the University that made me the person I am today. Even though we leave University, we will forever belong to the place and institution that gave us the best time of our life!

Jin - I have participated in alumni events and also attended the Guangdong Overseas Returnees youth association and Huaxia Overseas Returnees Association's events. Nowadays I also hold events with my friends who have also graduated from overseas universities. I like to serve people and enjoy organising activities.

Weitang - I think I can help students and alumni to work well together. I feel our brand can be promoted and Lancaster alumni can show students what they can go on to do after they graduate.

Guangzhou coordinators

Hong Kong

Alumni Coordinators: Sophia Au, Joanna Chin and Yvan

Contact information: Email Sophia, Joanna or Yvan directly.

What I'm doing now:

Sophia - I'm currently working as a Business Development Executive at Ageas Insurance Company (Asia). I act as a Financial Planner providing suitable investment plans to clients with an ultimate aim of wealth management. I am also a member of the Executive Committee of Hong Kong MBA Toastmaster Club which offers participants a supportive learning environment for enhancing the oral communication and leadership skills.

Joanna - I'm a Legal Secretary at Boase Cohen & Collins and I'm trying to gain experience within the legal industry.

Yvan - I am a financial services senior associate at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, PwC focussing on banking and capital markets.

Why I volunteer:

Sophia - The core reason of being a volunteer for the Hong Kong Alumni Group is because I want to stay connected with the university and make a contribution to the school in return. I strongly believe that building a solid relationship between Lancaster University and its alumni members is very important and beneficial not only for the school, but also but also for the former, current and prospective students.

Joanna - To keep in touch with the university and alumni, to contribute to the university and to benefit all graduates through sharing information and stories.

Yvan - I am happy to help and liaise with our alumni.

Hong Kong Co-ordinators


Alumni Coordinators: Venus Zhang and Tianhao Liu

Contact information: Email Venus and Tianhao directly

What I'm doing now:

Venus - I'm an HR specialist in Road China assistance - a Mapfre Company, which is a Spanish company ranked 399 in Fortune 500. I'm mainly responsible for talent acquisition.

Tianhao - I have joined a management trainee programme at the Bank of China in Shanghai. I am now on my job rotation in the retail banking division.

Why I volunteer:

Venus - I've learned a lot about tutoring and caring through life at Lancaster and how important networking is through my work. I'd like to provide help and build a strong network of Lancaster alumni through which all can benefit.

Tianhao - I like volunteering; volunteering at events such as Roses was one of my best memories of Lancaster. I am proud of being part of the volunteering team and look forward to staying connected with Lancaster alumni from all walks of life.

Shanghai Volunteers Venus and Tianhao


Alumni Coordinator: Claire Chen

Contact information: Email Claire directly.

What I'm doing now: I am currently working as a Human Resource Business Partner, Asia Pacific in a multinational company and now based in Shenzhen.

Why I volunteer: To reunite with old friends; to get to meet new friends; to make new graduates feel a sense of belonging in Shenzhen; to make more people know we have a link to Lancaster.

Claire Chen

South West China

Alumni Coordinator: Richard Han

Contact Information: Email Richard directly

What I'm doing now: I am currently the Vice-Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China and Board Observer of China Britain Business Council in London. I am leading one of the largest Foreign Chambers of Commerce in SW China with over 250 members. We support British and International companies to grow their businesses in this fastest growing regional market in China.

Why I volunteer: I have always wanted to give something back to Lancaster University and build a local alumni community to help other Lancaster returnees and prospective Lancaster students from the SW region.

Richard Han



Alumni Coordinator: Jaldip Shah

Contact information: Email Shah directly.

What I'm doing now: I am the founder of Forxpat (a Whole-of-Market Solutions for Indian Expatriates) and Country Manager - India & UAE for Collabco UK (now Ready Education).

Why I volunteer: I advised many prospective students from India to join the Lancaster MBA and recently organised a meetup with Bengaluru based MBA offer holders to address their questions. I met seven of them who are joining the MBA programme this year from Bengaluru, India and realised that I can contribute more by organising more social events and activities for alumni, providing opportunities for professional networking and promoting the Lancaster Brand in India.

Jaldip Shah


Alumni Coordinators: Ravindra Joshi, Mohit Mittal and Sri Kansal

Contact information: Email Sri directly.

What I'm doing now:

Ravindra - I am Head of Group for Special Consumer Segment in Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited, a Tata group company engaged in electricity distribution in Delhi.

Mohit - I work in the field of hospitality and real estate development. We develop both residential and commercial spaces. We also operate the Ramada Gurgaon Central Hotel in Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR.

Sri - I am currently assisting the strategy and business development department of Jagdamba Group as a director with high focus on kitchenware products traded globally. I also Head of Publishing for a travel/culture/scientific journal magazine called ‘Plugged’. To promote ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit within India I also manage a fund under Astra group which invests in innovative ideas.

Why I volunteer:

Ravindra - I have been an active in Alumni, attending most of the events. I am also an active alumni of IIT Roorkee where I did my Electrical Engineering. IIT Alumni is like my family and I want it to be part of this volunteering effort for Lancaster too. I was spell bound when my IIT Roorkee alumni who was Chairman of Huge Indian Railways came out of his room to meet me, when I sent a slip saying I am a fellow alumni and just want to say hello to him. We will some-day reach that goal in Lancaster alumni too.

Mohit - I feel that alumni networks are a very important aspect of professional life. I am still in touch with a lot of alumni in India and feel that I can contribute towards building that network in Delhi NCR.

Sri - I represented the Indian society, the Asian society, the Management Science society and the United Nations Society through most of my time at University. I really could never say goodbye to Lancaster and I feel I can still contribute to sharing the Lancaster experience which I had through my years there.

Delhi group at an alumni event


Alumni Coordinator:Mayank Podar

Contact information: Email Mayank directly or visit the Facebook page.

What I'm doing now: I work as head of one of the textile processing units of the Podar group of companies (Nandan textiles Pvt. Ltd.)

Why I volunteer: Lancaster has been a wonderful part of my life and I never want it to end. I want to bring it home as well. I am keen to get all alumni together under one roof, so that one can meet other people from Lancaster as well.

Mayank Podar


Alumni Coordinator: Swarnodeep Homroy

Contact information: Email Swarnodeep directly.

What I'm doing now: I am an Associate Professor in Economics at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. I also have visiting positions in several Indian universities.

Why I volunteer: Time passes too quickly when we are young. I hope through this alumni group, we will be able to create a memory bank for us to draw on.

Swarnodeep Homroy


Alumni Coordinator: Yumika Wakamoto

Contact information: Email Yumika directly.

What I'm doing now: I am a part of a back-office team in an international IT recruitment company. I do everything from contract reviews, keeping the books on sales figures and everything in between.

Why I volunteer: Living in a new part of the world can be daunting at first, so it would be great to help people connect with those with whom we have something in common. I hope many people will benefit from building a network of alumni contacts in Japan. Most importantly, it will be great fun to chat and meet with Lancaster alumni on the islands; an opportunity to share stories and create wonderful friendships.

Yumika Wakamoto


Alumni Coordinator: Diana Yerkanatova

Contact information: Email Diana directly.

What I'm doing now: I currently work in Mindshare Media Agency as a Media Planner. Every time I am about to do something, I always remember the things I’ve learnt from lecturers. Along with all the practice exercises that we had, it’s truly amazing how I can apply them at work. Marketing related roles usually involve many areas, therefore I’m grateful to Lancaster for having the chance to study such a generous range of subjects.

Why I volunteer: I believe it’s great to keep in touch with those you have already studied with as well as current and prospective students. Such networking enables us to share the personal experience, provide the support and learn from each other, to be one ‘Lancaster’ community where we also can have a chat about those precious moments!

Diana Yerkanatova


Alumni Coordinator: Nurul Amira

Contact information: Email Amira directly.

Connect with the local network on Facebook: Join the Malaysia Alumni Group here.

What I'm doing now: I am currently working as a Business Analyst at the world's third largest hospitality chain, OYO

Why I volunteer: I am volunteering as I miss Lancaster University and the experience that I have had at campus and would love to be connected. It is always great to give back to the alma mater.

Nurul Amira



Alumni Coordinator: Arooj Mubashara Siddiqui

Contact information: Email Arooj directly.

What I'm doing now: I'm currently pursuing a PhD at Lancaster University in the School of Computing and Communications (SCC).

Why I volunteer: As I am part of different societies and LUSU, I would like to see more students coming from my country to have this unforgettable experience of the UK. I want to help them in all ways I can. Being a part of International Ambassador I feel I can be a bridge up between the new students and the alumni. Together we can promote more students and encourage them to be part of this phenomenal university.

Arooj Siddiqui


Alumni Coordinator: Hammad Mushtaq

Contact information: Email Hammad directly.

What I'm doing now:

Hammad - I am currently doing a freelance project with a Hong Kong based law firm and in the meantime looking for postgraduate and employment opportunities in the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

Why I volunteer:

Hammad - Well, I owe so much to Lancaster that these 50 words would not be enough to tell what really Lancaster means to me. Lancaster gave me the opportunity to earn a world-class degree without even leaving the comfort of home and then after completing my studies, Lancaster gave me the opportunity to seek employment opportunities through their career portal. I have never seen the University so concerned about its graduates and Alumni. This is the basic motivation that drives me to introduce Lancaster University in my town to let them be introduced to such a caring and concerned university which would not leave you even after you have graduated. I am more than happy to volunteer my services to Lancaster University and let the people of Pakistan know about the values the University sets for its progressive students, aspiring students and most of all its Alumni.

Hammad Mushtaq


Alumni Coordinator: Leonard Eggert

Contact information: Email Leo directly.

What I'm doing now:

Leo - Chief Representative Indonesia at LBBW

Why I volunteer:

Leo - To stay connected with the university. To strengthen the local alumni community. To help alumni to grow their individual network.

Leo Eggert

South Korea

Alumni Coordinator: Charlie Daeeuy Lee

Contact information: Email Charlie directly.

What I'm doing now: I started my career in the management consulting field after graduation. I now work for the management consulting agency, OpenTide Korea, managing global marketing/sales projects at in-house management consulting division of Samsung Group.

Why I volunteer: After being elected as the alumni president in 2005, I have led a variety of alumni events and tried to ensure that new graduates are encouraged to become part of the alumni network in South Korea. I have also maintained a close association with the Internation Office at the University, voluntarily supporting regular student recruitment events and visits by key personnel. I feel it is important to facilitate networking and bonding of the alumni members and bring us all more great opportunities and keep us strongly attached for a lifetime.

Charlie Daeeuy Lee


Alumni Coordinators: Hou Chi Huang, Jia-Miao Xie and Yun Hsuan Wang

Contact information: Email Hou Chi, and Jai-Miao and Yun Hsuan Wang directly.

What I'm doing now:

Hou-Chi - Marketing and B2C Sales at Ergos Trading Company

Jia-Miao - Officer, Department of International Affairs, Financial Supervisory Commission

Yun Hsuan Wang - I'm working at BNP PARIBAS Management Consulting (Taipei, Taiwan) in the financial planning and control department

Why I volunteer:

Hou Chi - I am very appreciative of what I received at Lancaster, so this is an opportunity for me to show my thankfulness and keep reminding people how great Lancaster is. I am very happy to be a Taiwanese alumni group co-ordinator.

Jia-Miao - Since graduating in 2015 I have been to three alumni events. These events give opportunities to reunite, share experiences and learn about a wide range of careers. I hope these benefit others and therefore I decided to volunteer and help with the logistics.

Yun Hsuan Wang - I learned so much whilst studying at Lancaster. What I have learned and the valuable experiences have brought positive impact to my life. Now I would like to help students who are interested in going to Lancaster University.

Taiwan volunteers

United Arab Emirates

Alumni Coordinator: Paul Blakeway

Contact information: Email Paul directly

What I'm doing now: I have been living in Dubai for more than 10 years, working as Senior Counsel at an international law firm.

Why I volunteer: I have been meeting more people from Lancaster in the region and believe it would be fun to unite us in a professional and social network.

Daniel Bateman

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