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Alumni Co-ordinator: Philipp Moschinger

Contact information:

What I´m doing now

Over the last ten years, I was working as a project manager in an international context in IT implementation projects. Currently, I am on a six months sabbatical to take further education to gain further knowledge in Chinese language and culture and to improve as well my technical knowledge.

Why I volunteer

I remember quite often the great time I had in Lancaster. While I am still in touch with some of my classmates from the MSc I lost contact with the Austrians I met during my time at Lancaster. One time I was asked to support Lancaster attending a university fair in Vienna, which was great fun and I met a lot of interested prospective students of Lancaster. Moreover, during an event in Vienna a few years ago I learned that there are a few more graduates from Lancaster. I enjoyed that evening and we wanted to stay in touch, but often it happens that nothing happens. I want to change that and get us connected.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Alumni Co-ordinator: Chip Nguyen

Contact information: Email Chip directly.

What I'm doing now: I am currently finishing off my third year and then hope to do a Master's degree or have a graduate job in the UK for a few years.

Why I volunteer: I want to be a point of contact for fellow Czech students who are considering studying at Lancaster - the Central Europeans are certainly underrepresented at LU and I would like to change that.



Alumni Co-ordinator: Jatin Mittal

Contact information: Email Jatin directly

What I'm doing now: I have just finished my Master's degree at Emlyon Business School in Paris and commence my graduate job in July 2020.

Why I volunteer: I think that being a volunteer will provide me with an opportunity not only to stay connected with my Lancaster roots, but also to formulate a networking route for Lancaster alumni based in France. This will help to build towards a supportive Lancaster community.



Alumni Co-ordinator: Simon Kowal

Contact information: Email Simon directly

What I'm doing now: I am a Manager in Corporate Finance for E.ON which I started in January 2017.

Why I volunteer: With alumni spread across the globe it just felt natural to start getting in touch with other alumni in the area.


Alumni Co-ordinator: Benedikt Kirstein

Contact information: Email Benedikt directly

What I'm doing now: I am a Brand Manager at Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG which is Germany's leading financial advice company. In a nutshell my task is to develop the corporate brand strategically and to ensure a coherent brand experience at every touch point.

Why I volunteer: Keeping up the Lancaster family spirit and spreading it all over the world is my motivation to co-ordinate the German Alumni Group. I still feel very emotionally connected to Lancaster and I would be delighted if there are other Alumni who would like to share and keep up their Lancaster memories.


Alumni Co-ordinator: Florian Meyer

Contact information: Email Florian directly

What I'm doing now

I am working as Operations Analyst for Rapid7 a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for companies of all industries and sizes. In essence, I work with stakeholders across the business by conducting analyses and refining existing processes.

Why I volunteer

So many Lancaster alumni in Germany, yet no network in its third-largest city - utterly unacceptable! What's more to say? If you think so too, please reach out and join our next event to reignite the Lancaster spirit in Munich!

Florian Meyer


Greece - Athens

Alumni Co-ordinators: Nikolaos Korkolis and Dimitris Kontogiannis

Contact information: Email Nikolaos or Dimitris directly.

What I'm doing now:

Nikolaos - I am currently working as an Internal Auditor for Coca-Cola HBC Greece, where I am responsible for performing effective audit procedures and risk assessments in key business activities of the organisation.

Dimitris - As the Founder and General Manager of the consulting firm, Marketing Ideas, I am assisting local companies to expand internationally and to achieve their goals through tailor-made marketing ideas.

Why I volunteer:

Nikolaos - As part of the Greek alumni group, I would like the opportunity to interact with potential applicants and share my wonderful experiences and memories of Lancaster. I would also enjoy giving careers advice to current Lancaster students and recent graduates.

Dimitris - My education in Lancaster had a life-changing impact. Giving back to the University as an alumni volunteer, is a symbolic “thank you”. Through this role, a volunteer can contribute to the expansion of the University’s global reach as well as to the operation of its international network. In parallel, the active relationship - "informed & involved” status - between Lancaster and the network of almost 1,800 Greek alumni will benefit personally, academically, and professionally the former, current and prospective students.

Greece - Thessaloniki

Alumni Co-ordinator: Ioannis Vaganof

Contact Information: Email Ioannis directly

What I'm doing now: Currently I am Project Manager in a Digital Marketing Agency (Social Mind) focusing on both Social Media Advertising and Website Development.

Why I volunteer: I have always organised events, social gatherings and memorable parties for my friends and acquaintances. I really like meeting and connecting people and I feel this is a great chance to keep, share and grow the Lancaster spirit.



Contact information: Visit the Iceland Alumni Group's Facebook page.



Alumni Co-ordinator: Rik Lamesch

Contact Information: Email Rik directly

What I'm doing now: Iam still living in Luxembourg and about to graduate(July 2020) with a Master's in Mathematics from the University of Luxembourg. While job hunting I am tutoring mathematics to high school students.

Why I volunteer: I had some spare time to reminisce about Lancaster University and thought it would be a great idea to get in touch with other alumni in Luxembourg. As an Alumni Group Co-ordinator this would give me the opportunity to bring local alumni together and at the same time keep a connection to the University.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Alumni Co-ordinator: Angel Buster

Contact information: Email Angel directly.

What I'm doing now: I am currently working as an independent executive leadership coach and organizational health and wellbeing consultant.

Why I volunteer: After graduation, I looked to see if there were alumni events in the Netherlands, as I was keen to remain connected. It surprised me that there was no group yet created. The Netherlands is, after all, just across the water! I volunteered first to satisfy my own need to connect with fellow alumni but I aim to build a strong network community where people can support each other, collaborate, and share experiences.



Alumni Co-ordinator: Simona Balinisteanu

Contact information: Email Simona directly.

What I'm doing now: I have worked for years in London for top FMCG companies including Reckitt Benckiser and Innocent. I have brought new products to market, developed great relationships with some of our largest supermarkets and drunk some of the best (and innocent) juices in the world.

Why I volunteer: People who have bonded over shared experiences are more open to friendships and prepared to offer professional help. I think it is really important to keep the same sense of community we had in Lancaster once we move to a new life back home.


Swiss East

Alumni Co-ordinators:Jana Worofsky; Francesco Zingarello

Contact information: Email Jana or Francesco directly.

What I'm doing now:

Jana - I am the Site Cost Leader in the Finance department at Dow Europe GmbH, the European headquarters of The Dow Chemical Company. I have a great team of people in the Controllers' department and we support many functional and business leaders within Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Francesco - I am a Business Finance Manager for one of the businesses of The Dow Chemical Company in Europe. My role involves monitoring the financial performance of the business and forecasting the profitability for the future quarters, as well as supporting the business organisation with financial evaluation of all investments decisions.

Why I volunteer:

Jana - The idea came when I had to write an announcement for a colleague of mine who was moving roles. As I had to put his educational background into the announcement, I did some research and found out that he went to Lancaster. I was shocked – shocked that I knew so little and that I should have known this earlier. This was the start of the idea of getting more involved and what better way – especially when you are not close by – than to provide a platform to get people connected.

Francesco - I strongly believe in the important of universities’ impact on the growth of students and future world professionals. Universities are the place where minds are formed, influenced and challenged and where they can truly express their potential. As such, I always wanted to give back something to the place that gave me so much! I expect to meet many enthusiastic alumni and share with them memories and experience of our time back on campus.

Swiss West

Alumni Co-ordinator: Jacqueline Burbidge Rainsley

Contact information: Email Jacqueline directly.

What I'm doing now: After a number of years in international companies, I now run my own business,, offering bespoke training, instructional design, and training management consultation.

Why I volunteer: I recently did an interview for Lancashire radio. It turned out that the other person being interviewed had been a first year when I was a fourth year, at the same university, in the same department! We hit it off rather well! I think it would be a pleasure to bring local Lancaster alumni together.

United Kingdom


Alumni Co-ordinator: Eileen Morrison

Contact information: Email Eileen directly.

What I'm doing now: I am now retired though I do some casual work as an exams invigilator in a school. Otherwise I volunteer for various organisations such as Healthwatch, Gloucestershire. I help interview prospective student nurses for the University of Gloucestershire.

Why I volunteer: Whilst I am still active mentally and physically I want to continue contributing to society. I'm very grateful for my education and want to give something back. It's good to be part of a volunteering community.

Eileen Morrison


Alumni Co-ordinator: Alice Ashcroft

Contact Information: Email Alice directly

What I'm doing now:

I now work as an Innovation Development Analyst at Lancaster University and I'm a part time musician.


Alumni Co-ordinators: Amy D. Krishnaswamy

Contact information: Email Amy directly, visit the Facebook page or the LinkedIn group

What I'm doing now:

Amy - I'm an independent software services consultant working with nonprofits and colleges.

Why I volunteer:

Amy - The rewarding thing about meeting other alumni is that we all have a common experience, no matter our age or background. I love meeting people, connecting alumni together and fostering the amazing network that supports Lancaster.

Amy Daultrey Krishnaswamy


Alumni Co-ordinators: Chloe Themistocleous, Emma Pilling and Karin Turco

Contact information: Email Chloe, Emma or Karin directly

What I'm doing now:

Chloe - I am an Associate Solicitor at Eversheds Sutherland, an international law firm. I work in the Manchester office and specialise in Employment Law. I have experience acting for both companies and individuals in Employment Tribunal Litigation including claims for unfair dismissal, all types of discrimination and whistleblowing.

Emma - I'm currently working in research, data and analytics.

Karin - I'm also a trainee solicitor at Eversheds Sutherland

Why I volunteer:

Chloe - In Manchester, through work or socialising, I regularly meet Lancaster alumni. The first question I ask or get asked is which college was I in? And the debate commences! People from Lancaster have common ground like no other and I think it is great to keep in touch and share opportunities and know how across various industries.

Emma - I'm interested to meet people from Lancaster to network, share experiences and ideas.


Alumni Co-ordinator: Colin Smith

Contact information: Email Colin directly.

What I'm doing now: I have been working as the Finance Manager at the Asda Stores Ltd distribution centre located in Didcot, Oxfordshire since 2009. I am a keen sports fan, which includes being a season ticket holder with Nottingham Forest, and I still play squash regularly.

Why I volunteer: I love the idea of still being a part of the University in some way and wanting to give something back. I do enjoy organizing events, as being on a PTA as Chairman for 11 years testifies! It has always felt an honour to be a graduate of Lancaster and I want to meet up with fellow graduates to reminisce and share great memories as well as seeing how graduates are getting on.

1967 Graduates

Alumni Co-ordinators: Rosemary Slee, Dave Kerr and Den Winterburn

Contact information: Email Rosemary, Dave or Den direct:

What I'm doing now:

Rosemary After graduating in Economics from Lancaster and initially doing a year’s VSO in West Cameroon, I have had a career in Market Research in various companies and sectors in the UK as well as working for the British Council teaching English whilst living with my husband overseas in Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) and Oman. Before retiring my last position was for 15 years as Head of Retail Market Research and Insight at BAA (British Airports Authority.) I have three sons and, I am soon to have, 7 grandchildren. I currently select candidates for VSO and reupholster antique chairs!

Dave With an Environmental Sciences degree I worked in seismic exploration in Libya and Saudi Arabia loving the challenges of the deep desert environment and remote living. Feeling the need for a career change after eight years I completed an MSc in Business Admin and spent most of the rest of my career in finance and management. An early retirement was reasonably brief and I am now Company Secretary and Accountant for my son Alex’s company AKS Tuning Ltd. It has been rewarding to use all the skills developed during my career to help to grow a small start-up company to almost a one million pound annual turnover. I also chair the London Branch of Midland Ancestors and encourage and help as many as I can in my love of family history. Watching Warwickshire cricket is a relaxing hobby as well as walking and travelling – as well as spending time with granddaughters.

DenHaving been one of the first students at Lancaster, I became one of the first graduates to join United Biscuits, starting my career in their Liverpool factory. Having faced reality running their production lines making ‘Bandit’ biscuits, I found my passion working on a team introducing job enrichment practices into the various manufacturing sites. After five years, I was sponsored for a full time Master's degree in Organisational Psychology at Leeds University. A spell as a Personnel Manager of their IT division was followed by a move to London as an HR Director of a newly formed business. I then decided, after 20 years in the food business, to start my own consultancy and I worked happily across many different business and education sectors for another 20 years! Since retiring at 66, I’ve spent time travelling, time with our children and grandchildren, and time caring for my wife who has had a degenerative illness. My wife Pat and I married a year after I left Lancaster and we celebrated our 50th anniversary last year. We have two sons, one a Head Teacher and one with a dream job in TV.

Why I volunteer:

Rosemary I helped to organise the Grand Reunion held at the Royal Geographic Society in London in 2017 attended by over 80 former students who studied at Lancaster from 1964-67. The reunion was to celebrate 50 years post-graduation of these the first students at university. I was keen to see, after the event, if we could find a way to continue to allow students from 1964-67, now mainly retired, to reconnect with their friends. As a result Dave Kerr, Den Winterburn, John Lucas and I have, over the last three years, organised a number of weekday lunches so far mainly in London, but also one in Manchester. These have proved very popular and not only allowed people to reconnect with friends, but often to also get to know better people they only knew slightly before. In addition, following a suggestion by Asif Fancy, we have established a Lancaster ‘64-67 WhatsApp group which now has almost 50 members. If you would like to join our group please do contact us.

DaveI have a lot to thank Lancaster for! Apart from the academic side – much of which I remain fascinated with – it gave me many long lasting memories and friendships. I enjoy keeping in contact with as many former colleagues as possible. I learned just as much from being a “pioneer” – taking responsibility and making things happen – which have been useful throughout my life and career, so I am happy to give any support I can give to Lancaster and its graduates.

DenI was inspired by the 50th anniversary celebration that was held in London in 2017 when I met many friends who had been with me in those first three years at Lancaster. Dave and Rosemary had done a lot of hard work to make that happen, so I connected with them and we decided to keep it going by other means. We now have a large WhatsApp group where memories and photos are being shared, and lunches organised for those who want to meet up. Lancaster was a special time and it’s fulfilling to see the memories being sparked and connections made.

Dave,Rosemary and Den

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