Exam board guidelines

Regulations for undergraduate and postgraduate taught exams and guidelines for examination boards


Guidelines for examination boards and examination regulations

Composition, membership and conduct of examination boards

Part II (finals and second year) results and examination boards

Minutes of boards of examiners

Sample pass list

Additional evidence for submission to the board of examiners

Student appeals‌‌

A full set of examination and assessment regulations can be found in the Manual of Academic Regulations and Procedures (MARP)

Invigilation and supervisor guidelines

Announcements to be made before the start of each examination‌‌

Announcements during and at the end of examination

Invigilation Guidelines‌‌

Academic supervisor guidelines‌‌


Composition, membership and conduct of examination boards‌‌

‌‌‌PGT Award Guidance‌‌

Examiners' recommendations for postgraduate courses

Sample mark grid‌‌

Sample transcript‌‌