Support for Care Leavers

Care Leavers can face unique challenges when transitioning to University. We are here to support you.

What is a Care Leaver?

A Care Leaver is someone who has been in Care for at least 3 months including their 16th Birthday.

If you have been in Care for a period before your 18th Birthday, you are Care Experienced.

Your Local Authority should be able to tell you if you are a Care Leaver, and Coram Voice has a useful tool so you can check!

How do you tell us?

You don’t have to tell us if you are a Care Leaver/ Care Experienced – but it may help us to support you if and when you need it.

You can declare on your UCAS form, your Student Finance application, or your pre-registration form.

You can also let us know by contacting the Student Wellbeing Partnership Service. You can let us know at any time during your studies, but the sooner you can tell us the better!

What happens when you tell us?

If we know that you are a Care Leaver/Care Experienced we can support you during your time at university.

The Student Wellbeing Partnership Service can provide pastoral support and advice on a range of topics including finance, accommodation, settling in, and making friends.

You can attend our weekly Tea and Chat, which gives you the opportunity to take time out for yourself and socialise with other students.

Lancaster University Care Package

Care-experienced students studying at Lancaster University may be eligible for:

Contact the Student Wellbeing Partnership Service to find out more.