Student Testimonials

Read below to see some of our past (and current!) students.

A male student smiling at the camera.
Tim Clark. Graduate.

Tim Clark: Student Testimonial

Before I started university in 2017, I [faced] fears and doubts, and attending the pre-arrival Smart Start scheme was incredibly helpful to set my mind at ease.

The programme offered a chance to see what university life would really be like. Moving away from home was a big change for me, but meeting like-minded people in the same position really helped ease my concerns. The informative sessions allowed me to learn more about the support available, and the tours around the campus and city of Lancaster helped me get my bearings quickly in Welcome Week. Soon, I was giving other people directions! Smart Start allowed me to get a headstart in conquering my fears of starting university.

I have absolutely loved my time at Lancaster... I got involved with numerous groups at the university, even going on to become President of the Computer Science Society and President of Cartmel [College]. I also took on a number of paid part-time roles in my department and the Students’ Union. I managed to achieve a first in Computer Science, and have started a career as a Software Engineer.

Last summer, I seized the opportunity to participate again in the Smart Start scheme, this time as an ambassador. I was really keen to share my knowledge and experience of university life with future students, and help them start strong, just like I did. I can’t wait to see what they achieve at Lancaster.

Current Student (20/21): Student Testimonial

There are [sometimes] times when things aren’t always plain sailing. You may encounter social or academic challenges, but there is nothing to worry about. Here at Lancaster, there is a great level of support for all these [challenges].

All the lecturers are dedicated to helping you understand the content, no matter how scary it seems to ask these lead[ing] experts for help. In one module, I was struggling to fully understand [the content], but after getting over the nerves of speaking to the lecturer, they were really supportive and we went through problems for the module so that I could fully understand [it]. [This] led to it being one of my best exams that year!

The support from the [Student Wellbeing Partnership Service] is amazing. The Group Mentoring scheme with the Team, and a brilliant group of peers, is a great way support each other though university. [You can discuss] any problems, big or small, [from] “who is the best person to turn to for help with hard modules” and “how to ask for help”, to help with combating the nerves of socialising at university.

With support from the group, [I have developed skills around] building socialising into my routine, like going to societies weekly and [having] specific times to socialise. [I go] to Tea and Chat, facilitated by the [Student Wellbeing Partnership Service] with a lovely group of people, [and] have regular games evenings with friends, which are now both regular features of a typical week. Many people find the social side of university hard as well, [and] the range of support from the group is invaluable and is a great way to challenge the problems faced.

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