Lancaster Evaluation Group Event Series - Session 3 - Exploring spaces for collective learning in evaluative practice

Wednesday 19 June 2024, 10:30am to 2:30pm


University Library events space (rear of ground floor), Lancaster, United Kingdom

Open to

External Organisations, Postgraduates, Public, Staff


Free to attend - registration required

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Event Details

The Lancaster Evaluation Group (LEG) is hosting a series of seminars and networking sessions which will explore a range of perspectives and insights on evaluative practice in HE and beyond. This is the third in the series.

In this session we will be joined by speakers who all have a shared interest in promoting collaboration and collectivity to promote learning and development in evaluative practice. This includes work performed as part of the Evaluation Learning Space initiative by the Centre for Cultural Value at Leeds University and the development of a network of evaluation researchers and practitioners known as the Evaluation Collective.

Following the speakers session there will be free lunch provided and an opportunity to network and connect in our Evaluation Café.

Session agenda:

10:30am-11:00am: Coffee and registration

11:00am-12:00pm: Seminar with the two seminar speakers presenting each for 20min followed by 20min discussion

12:00pm-12:30pm: Lunch

12:30pm-14:30pm: Evaluation Café (networking session)

Speaker(s) 1: Nathanial Pickering, Lecturer in Research & Evaluation, Sheffield Hallam, Samantha Child, Evaluation Manager at Applied Inspiration, and Jonathan Schulte, Evaluations Manager, London School of Economics.

Paper title: A manifesto for evaluation: An introduction to the Evaluation Collective.

Summary: During the presentation, we provide an introduction to the Evaluation Collective, we talk through the Evaluation Collective manifesto and then discuss the Wicked Issues project.

Speaker 2: Emma McDowell, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Cultural Value, Leeds University

Paper title: Creating space for collective learning: Centre for Cultural Value

Summary: Dr Emma McDowell from the Centre for Cultural Value will discuss the work behind the recently-launched Evaluation Learning Space, which uncovers learning hidden in evaluations from the cultural sector. As a tool to share insights and knowledge to support cultural organisations and practitioners, the resource hub has placed an initial focus on what we can learn from the evaluations of UK-based Cities and Capitals of Culture. Building on the work of the Centre in evaluation practice methodologies and training, these initial resources shed light on who was involved, what methods and frameworks were used and the challenges evaluation teams faced.


Emma McDowell

Leeds University

As a Postdoctoral researcher, Emma synthesises and summarises relevant research for the Centre for Cultural Value, and helps to make it as accessible as possible to the cultural sector. Their current work includes a review of the lifelong value of cultural engagement and the development of Centre’s Evaluation Learning Space, a digital evaluation resource platform funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Jonathan Schulte


Jonathan is the LSE Evaluations Manager, part of the Eden Centre for Education Enhancement (LSE’s teaching and learning centre). He leads the development and implementation of LSE’s Education Evaluation Strategy and is chairing LSE’s APP Evaluation and Monitoring Group, alongside supporting a range of evaluation projects across the Institution.

Nathanial Pickering

Sheffield Hallam

Nathaniel Pickering is the Associate Director of Evaluation at Greenwich University, where he leads a team evaluating student experiences and outcomes. His research focuses on access to higher education, social justice in education, and educational policy discourse. Nathaniel has also recently submitted his PhD thesis at Lancaster University, where he explored the interplay between crisis and education policy.

Samantha Child

Applied Inspiration

Dr Samantha Child is Evaluation Manager at an Applied Inspiration (, an organisation that provides evaluation support to help institutions meet regulatory evaluation and research requirements around Access and Participation. She has ten years experience undertaking evaluation in educational settings (mostly HE) plus an ESRC funded M'Phil and PhD in which she specialised in using creative evaluation methods with children with complex needs in educational settings.

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