Fantastic beams and how to make them: Shaped light for biomedical imaging

Thursday 16 May 2024, 7:00pm to 8:00pm


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Dr Jonathan Nylk is an expert in Physical Sciences Education at the Open University and will deliver an insightful RSC Public Lecture.

Since the invention of the first microscope in the 17th century, biomedical microscopy has been limited to observing very thin samples – single layers of cells – but organs, animals, humans are complex 3D systems. This mismatch between biology in nature and biology in the laboratory is one of the reasons that more than 90% of drug candidates do not succeed in clinical trials. A microscope that can see 3D systems moving and functioning is needed.

Enter the new millennium, and these new microscopes are being developed, all enabled by the ability to shape and control how light enters and leaves the microscope. Dr Jonathan Nylk will discuss the workings of these newly emerging imaging techniques. Along the way, we’ll learn that light travels in straight lines, that light doesn’t in fact travel along straight lines, how to make a tractor beam, and what links advanced microscopy and guitars.


Jonathan Nylk

Open University

Jonathan Nylk graduated with an MPhys in Physics with Photonics from the University of St Andrews in 2012. He enjoyed it so much he stayed there, graduating again with a PhD in Physics in 2016 and working in the Optical Manipulation Group as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. In 2020, Jonathan took up a Lectureship in Physics at the University of Dundee. In 2022, Jonathan became a Lecturer of Physical Sciences Education at the Open University.


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