Catered Accommodation

Available in Cartmel, County, Lonsdale and Bowland Colleges

Most of our accommodation is self-catering, but we do offer a catered package in some areas, consisting of breakfast and dinner every day during term time. All students on the scheme are housed together.

Superior Ensuite catered rooms are available in Cartmel, County and Lonsdale Colleges, at £190.75 per week. Bowland College offers Basic Standard rooms (£142.10) and Basic Ensuite rooms (£177.24).

Barker House Farm is the venue for catered accommodation in Lonsdale and Cartmel, and Marketplace is the venue for Bowland and Cartmel Colleges. Both are also open to the general public.

Full details of the scheme can be found on the Catered Accommodation page.

Please note that catering is provided for only 31 weeks – the full 10 weeks of each term, plus Welcome Week. Your overall contract is 40 weeks.

Cartmel College also offers catered accommodation on a 36 week let subject to demand, at a rate of £197.89 per week (contract excluding the Easter vacation weeks, with catering for the usual 31 weeks as above).