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Facilities Contractor Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Inductions

Welcome to Lancaster University Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Induction page. In order to be able to sign in as a contractor for Lancaster University Facilities and work on site you must watch the HSE Induction Video and pass the HSE Induction test. The video lasts approximately 10 minutes. Links to the induction video and test and provided below.

Step 1.

Watch the Video

Please watch this 10-minute video prior to taking the test. The video explains in detail our processes and procedures that ensure we all work safely.

Step 2.

Facilities HSE Assessment

Please ensure you have watched the video above before taking the assessment. Once the assessment is completed, you will receive your score. If successful, your site access permit can be collected from Maintenance (or the Security Lodge only if out of hours). Please note: All contractors must pass the assessment prior to accessing the site. You WILL NOT be provided with a site access permit unless you have passed the assessment.

Take the Test

Step 3.

Collect Your Permit

If you passed the Facilities HSE induction test, you can now collect your Site Access Permit from either the Maintenance Office or (out of hours) the Security Lodge. Site Access Permits are required by all contractor's for the University.