Being a Savvy Student - Crime Prevention Tips

Being a Savvy Student - Crime Prevention Tips

The vast majority of students have a safe and enjoyable experience at University, with Lancaster ranked as one of the top five safest Universities in the UK by, however some may fall victim to crime. At Lancaster University, your safety and security is of the utmost importance. We have put together our top five crime preventions tips to make your time as a student as peaceful as possible.

Our top 5 tips

1. Ban the Burglars

Student halls and houses can be the perfect target for opportunist thieves as bedrooms and house / flat doors are often left unlocked. To ensure that you don't give burglars this chance, always remember to lock all doors and windows when you are not around. This is still important if you are only leaving briefly! An additional measure you can take to be extra safe is to avoid leaving notes stating 'I'm away' or 'back soon'. Instead of this, tell your friends face to face that you are going to be out, or send them a message; setting up a group chat is a great way to co-ordinate with your flatmates.

2. Value Your Valuables

When you come to University it is likely that you will bring with you lots of prized possessions. Maybe it will be sentimental items like jewellery, a laptop for your studies or even some cash that you have saved up for your time here. These are all things that would be missed if stolen! To keep your valued items as secure as possible use a home safe and never give your passcode or key to anyone else.

3. Be a Smart Cyclist

Cycling to campus is an ideal mode of transport; it is great exercise, not to mention the perfect way to see the beautiful landscape surrounding Lancaster. Unfortunately, unattended bicycles can be a target for thieves. To ensure that your bike is always safe you should invest in a sturdy lock such as a D-shaped bicycle lock that is approved by Sold Secure to Gold standard. There are bike stores across campus for you to secure your bike to, and have peace of mind that it will be there upon your return. To take protecting your bike to the next level, why not use two different locks at the same time and lock both the wheel and frame.

4. Heading Out

As well as protecting items that you own, you should always prioritise your own personal safety. As a student, there is a high chance that you will partake in nights out in Lancaster. Plan a safe route home prior to leaving for the night, and ensure you have enough money for a taxi. When it finally comes to taking the taxi, never get into an unlicensed car. Alternatively, during term time you can take the Sugarbus to campus for free after attending Sugarhouse and getting a stamp. If you are walking home, stay on main roads and avoid poorly lit areas, and most importantly stay with your friends; there is safety in numbers! For some additional peace of mind, it may be a good idea to carry a personal attack alarm, just in case.

5. Security on Social Media

Social media is a huge part of our lives nowadays, and as a student, it is exciting to share your new life at Lancaster on a variety of platforms, however it is important to be vigilant about what you share. Be careful when ‘checking in’ to a location, as highlighting this alerts a possible burglar that you are not at home. In addition to this, posting images of new and expensive items can be risky. It is important to tailor what you post online, especially if you have an open account; you don’t know who is viewing your content! A good way to combat this is to check your settings and ensure that you only allow updates to be shown to people you know and trust.