13 January 2017
The department held its fifth annual Florence Nightingale Day on Thursday 12th January with the aim of promoting mathematics and statistics to young women in years 11, 12 and 13.

The event, organised by Dr Nadia Mazza and Dr James Groves, was attended by students from schools across Lancashire and Cumbria and featured three excellent guest speakers.

Dr Heather Harrington (Oxford University) began the mathematical proceedings with a talk on her research in mathematical biology and the importance of algebra, topology and statistics. Following refreshments, students were then separated into groups and set a series of mathematical problems with enthusiastic coaching provided by our postgraduate students and staff.

In the afternoon Professor Ineke De Moortel (St Andrew's University) presented on her work in modelling the Sun's atmosphere and Dr Marianne Freiberger (editor of Plus Magazine) spoke about some of the diverse and interesting career paths mathematics can take you in from visual effects to cosmology.

The proceedings came to a close with an announcement of the winning teams and each student was rewarded for their efforts with souvenirs to take home. Further details can be found on the 2017 Florence Nightingale Day page.

The event was supported by the department's outreach fund and the Further Mathematics Support Programme.