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Congratulations on your offer. We hope to see you at one of our offer holder events. Take a look at some course info below and hear from our students.

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Eleanore Pell

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Attending an Offer Holder Event is a great way to get a feel of what it would be like if you were a Chemistry student at Lancaster. During the day, you will experience a laboratory practical which is a lot more fun than the experiments you study at A-Level! You can also ask as many questions as you would like about the Chemistry Department or University. The staff and students on the day will be more than happy to answer any questions and talk about their first-hand experience of studying Chemistry at Lancaster."

Eleanore Pell, BSc Chemistry

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  • Saturday 17th February 2024
  • Saturday 9th March 2024
  • Saturday 23rd March 2024
  • Saturday 27th April 2024

What to expect

Our Offer Holder Events are lively and informative events designed to help you make the right decision about your degree and university choice. They are an opportunity to:

  • Find out details about our degree programmes (including study abroad and industrial placement), entry requirements and lots more with one of our academics.
  • Use this opportunity as a way to have all of your questions answered by our academics and current chemistry students
  • Tour the department and see our facilities
  • Experience a taster tutorial session with one of the department’s academics
  • Take part in a laboratory experiment in one of our undergraduate teaching laboratories

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Hear from our students

Our students let you know exactly how it feels to be part of the Chemistry Department at Lancaster, how it feels to settle in and to push yourself to new highs.


A £26 million investment in our newly refurbished Faraday Building is benefiting students and researchers, with state-of-the-art laboratories as well as some of the best instrumentation in the UK. With cutting-edge resources for microscopy and nanofabrication, magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry, Lancaster is well equipped to give you the best experience.

Study Abroad

You may want to consider the Study Abroad variant of our programme. On this degree, you will spend your third year of the MChem at one of our partner universities across the globe. It’s an opportunity to broaden your horizons and gain valuable experience of a different social and academic environment.

Industrial Partners

We now also offer an MChem (with Industrial Placement) where the fourth year of your studies takes place within an industrial setting. The industrial placement option aims to enhance student employability while providing the opportunity to experience the environment of a real chemistry workplace.

Julia Szymanska

A place for Julia

As an international student, I didn’t have the chance to visit the campus before starting my course. However, I was amazed by everyone’s friendliness and support in the Chemistry department and the modern feel of the chemistry building. Right from the beginning, I was assigned a personal academic advisor, who provides me with academic, career and pastoral help whenever I need it.

There is also an open-door policy at the department, which means that whenever I have a question about material from a given module or I want to discuss anything else with an academic, I can simply go to their office without arranging a meeting with them beforehand.


What I especially enjoy as part of my degree are the practicals where I can apply the knowledge I get from the lectures and workshops in practice. In my second year, I had 8-12 hours of practicals per week where I either worked in the synthetic or analytical lab or did computer simulations in one of the computer labs. With every session, I became more confident in using various instruments or programmes.

I have also had the opportunity to explore my career options during two careers modules. Talking to some of the staff about my future prospects has convinced me that I would like to pursue a career in research. Since then, I have applied for various internships advertised by the department, and I cannot wait to hear back about the offers from the companies.

Although I still haven’t finished my degree, I cannot wait for all the opportunities to broaden my knowledge of chemistry and enhance my employability with the help of the department.

Julia Szymanska, MChem Hons Chemistry

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