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Our in-person and online events are a great way to find out more about your course, the community you'll be studying in, and they are an opportunity to meet staff and students, and experience subject taster sessions. Psychology student Megan hopes you can make it!

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  • 17th February 2024
  • 9th March 2024
  • 23rd March 2024
  • 27th April 2024

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Student Experience Hub (including campus tours)
Student experience hub consisting of campus tours and information about colleges, careers, accommodation, study abroad, LUSU, the sports centre, and Lancaster city life (optional).


Grab your gear
Come and collect your lunch vouchers, badges, and brochures. More information will be provided nearer the time.


Meet the Department
Come and grab a tea and coffee and mingle with our wonderful academics and student ambassadors.


Psychology talks
Welcome to Psychology talk, with a sample lecture.


Teaching tasters
Experience teaching sessions, view the research facilities, and chat with current Psychology students. Our students will lead you to these activities in groups.

4pm Event closes.

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Your global experience

With our Study Abroad schemes, you can spend one year of your course at a foreign University studying for your degree.

We will help you throughout the whole application process - discussing potential destinations and modules that you could study whilst abroad. The beauty of the different travel opportunities available is that you can either go on a Study Abroad programme or go on a short vacation programme, or you can travel within the student societies that you join.

Student ambassador Holly tells us about her experiences on the Study Abroad Programme....

"In July, I boarded a plane alone to Australia for my year abroad. I had shortlisted Australia, Canada and the USA as my options, but Australia was always my first choice. Having never lived in another country before I was apprehensive. I was looking forward to a year of sun and of course, studying. My time here has been more than I could’ve imagined.

I have been living on the Gold Coast in Queensland for over 10 months. My place in student accommodation means I have been able to make friends and find others on study abroad years. My host university, Griffith University, is ranked highly with 5 different campuses.

Through my time at Griffith university, I have been able to delve further into psychology. I have taken modules such as ‘Abnormal Psychology’ which provided me with an understanding of how to be a clinical psychologist. I also chose to study criminology modules. This will benefit me in relation to my dissertation which I will be writing next year, as this will have a Criminal Psychology element.

The most important module I have been able to study is Aboriginal History. I knew I wanted to understand the country I was living in, and this module has been an excellent way of doing that. This enabled me to create assessment pieces different from what I had done at Lancaster. Overall, my academic knowledge has grown to encourage me to think further about how culture and psychology are linked.

I also worked in a local theme park, operating rollercoasters. This enabled me to earn a wage and gain experience working with the public. Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to travel over the Christmas period. I was able to visit Tasmania, complete a hike in New Zealand and spend three weeks living with locals on tropical islands in Fiji. I will also be spending two weeks hiking through the Australian desert before flying home. My days off from university have mostly been spent at the beach or hiking. During my first term, I went on a camping trip to Byron Bay which was incredible. I have been lucky enough to see humpback whales, dolphins, snakes, turtles, sharks and sting rays. I also had the opportunity to compete at Griffith Uni events such as a trail half-marathon in Toohey Forest. This would not have been possible had I not chosen to study abroad.

I would highly recommend a study abroad year to anyone who wants to travel and develop independence. I also think this year has been beneficial to me in choosing which pathway I would like to follow with my psychology degree. I have been able to speak with more academics and learn extra content which has helped me decide which career idea to pursue. I am very grateful to Lancaster for this opportunity"

Holly Barnett, 4th year BSc Psychology (Study Abroad)

Holly in front of Griffith University sign in Australia

Explore Psychology in-depth

Psychology Employability Programme

During your time as a student in the department, we will encourage you to apply for placements on this scheme. You will have the opportunity to gain relevant work experience by applying for work placements alongside your studies.

Some placements will involve working in the community with charities and organisations that support vulnerable individuals. Others will give you the chance to work as a research assistant alongside expert researchers in the psychology labs.

These roles are part-time and fit around your studies. This means that you can apply for more than one placement in each year of your degree. By taking on different roles you will get a sense of how your future might look. Each placement will provide you with experience and skills that are valuable to both psychology careers and wider graduate-level occupations.

Brandon O'Hanlon

An experience for Brandon

Can you tell us about your own Psychology Employment Programme (PEP) placement?
Throughout the summer vacation and Year 2 of my course, I assisted in a research project in the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Lab. I helped with the recruitment of participants, engaging with participants in the experiment and even using the TMS equipment myself!

What skills and knowledge did you gain from the placement?
I was trained by experienced staff to use TMS devices on motor cortex regions of the brain, which is incredibly exciting technology! I developed administrative skills and research experience. These helped me to obtain a paid research assistant role with a collaborative study on dyslexia and speech perception. The training has also provided me with another unique opportunity - a scholarship award and research grant to conduct my very own piece of neuropsychological research. I can't wait to get started!

What would you say to students thinking about applying to PEP?
Just do it! I can say without a doubt that I thoroughly enjoyed my PEP placement throughout the year, and the opportunities it has provided me went above and beyond what I had expected and hoped for. PEP is all about gaining valuable and insightful experience, no matter where you wish to apply it.

Brandon O'Hanlon

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