12 December 2013 10:44

A recognised world leader in the use of solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to study structure and function in inorganic materials has been awarded an honorary degree.

Professor Clare Grey is the Geoffrey Moorhouse Gibson Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge.

In 2010, she was awarded the John Jeyes award from the Royal Society of Chemistry and in 2011 she was made a Fellow of the Royal Society.

She was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science at the December graduation ceremonies at Lancaster University by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Mark E.Smith.

Professor Grey has pioneered in situ NMR studies of batteries and fuel cells which have provided a greatly enhanced understanding of the processes that occur when a battery charges and discharges, and when a fuel cell operates.

This work has direct implications for the development of energy storage and conversion systems, and she has always emphasised the contribution which Chemistry can make to addressing major energy and environmental issues.